Monday, March 09, 2009

Unexpected Access

It has been awhile since I catch something good on TV, especially reality shows. But something made me sit up and paid attention lately. I just happened to tuned in to this local show on channel 5 on weekends, Unlimited Access, hosted by the pretty and intelligent Wong Li-Lin. I love her.

The on-site of first episode was at an embalming parlour. And there was a real dead body that one embalmer was embalming, and Wong was there to uncover and share with viewers and what went on behind-the-scene for the funeral planners.

The episode I watched recently was also eye-opening. Wong was on-site at KKH surgery rooms.

The camera was rolling as a team of surgeons worked on the head of a 4-mths-old baby.

Uncut. Something we rarely see from local TV.

Im looking forward to the next episode. I hope it will be something that make me squirms.

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