Sunday, February 26, 2006

The One With Mummy's Birthday

As I'm making this entree, Mummy had just been discharged yesterday from SGH. About a week after her birthday, we came up with a conspiracy plan with Aunt Rehana, a true genuine friend of Mummy, to get her see a doctor/specialist about her swelling feet. We are left with little choices as she is just plain stubborn. She did and I must say that she was lucky. They found out her lungs was filled with water. So she had to stay in ward for about 4 days for thorough examination. When I received that sms from Ayah, I am left numbed, my world was at a standstill wondering if I ever get to see Mummy much much longer in days and years to come. Playback in my memory was the small surprise celebration we had for her. As we gathered for Doa Selamat, she sat there crying openly, and she said: "Tak tahu tahun depan ada lagi tak diri ni". At that point, I realised how much I love Mummy, and how much she had done for me, for my brothers and I am not ready to see her go. She recalled that Nenek passed away when she was 57 years old. Today, Mummy is 57 years old. We celebrated her birthday on February 14th, 2006. May Allah bless all the good deeds she had done in her life. She may not be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect woman... but to me, that does not matter, she is my Mummy. Know one knows her better than Ayah and me. I love you Mummy, sincerely with all my heart. :) The usual suspects... Cake cutting time. Firdaus and Faustine fighting for the knife. Yikes. Rushda is too young, so she just looked on. Ayah loves Mummy so much that he resorts to turning to Aunt Rehana for a big favour. It is very romantic and loving of a husband to do anything in this world just to make his wife healthier and happier. I must thank Aunt Rehana and Safia for their great assistance. For now, Allah will repay their kindness and reward them with Jannah. I hope I will find one whom I can bring the friendship as far as Mummy and Aunt Rehana did.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The One With CNY Reunion Dinner

Ehh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... didnt update?!?!?!?!?!??! for sooooo long?????!?!?!? Obviously, I have been busy busy busy with work. Having said that, I yearn to say something that is different from the norm. I want Quit. I want Out. But that, later. I was reading through my e-mails and did not realise that Anna actually sent me these Reunion pics. Ha Ha Ha. There were some kind of cultural engagement on that day. Chu invited us over for Reunion dinner. She cooked. We had stuffed roasted chicken, mee sedap, casserole/lasagne and more. Rushda was wearing RED rompers lengkap with dragon on it. I came EARLY to help, unlike some others who come late, and just be there to pose for pics and eat. But they stayed LATE. Hopefully they helped Chu to clean up. Then we had the Lo Hei ceremony - the stuffs were packed and labelled Halal. I read through the "prep procedures" and we did it. Toss it high into the air.

The sumptious Halal fusion East-meet-West dinner at Chu's place.

I am not sure what this Mee is called, but it is SO SEDAP!! Lots of seafood and shiitake mushroom with black pepper. I think its Laksa mee or was it spaghetti??? Either way, it's nice.