Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Question is... Can I Do It?

Our PM and gang brainstormed on ways to generate the nation. Finally, they offered us...

  • FOUR months maternity leave;
  • SIX days childcare leave for every child under-7(heard from a friend. To be confirmed);
  • increased baby bonus for 1st and 2nd child; up to $4K.
  • increased subsidy rates for childcare fees; up to $300.

    they are seRIOUSly serious about us procreating.

    Mr PM spoke about changing the mindsets - of father's roles and responsibilities; parenting cultures and practices; and so on...
  • "Mr PM, after looking at your offer to child-bearing women like me, I must say it is indeed an advantageous offer. Its getting better by the year. I see hope in the future for my own daughters when they decide to have kids. Personally, Mr PM, I want to have more babies. I do. I wished to have FOUR, just like the people around me. Yet, I have my worries, sir. I share your sentiment about changing of mindets, especially one that involves fathering role. Yes, I agree. Something should be done. If the parenting 'system' works consistently and equally between husband and wife, then it would be a successful and positive child-rearing experience. I watched the news or read somewhere that "the culture of fatherhood (in S'pore) has definitely changed many years back, however its time to look at the practices. Mr PM, I present thee my worries..."

    1. Husband & Wife relationship became once-upon-a-time (personal level of emotional needs varies as new member joins in).

    2. Lack of time: to relax; quality time with spouse; with own parents; with own hobbies.

    3. Managing priorities: I love my family AND my career. I am "growing" along with my career. So many things to explore, yet my young children are slowing my opportunities. On the other hand, I love my family. I want to give the best for them, but with the cost of living very high, I must work, to earn money for basic basic use; which means sacrificing time to be with them.

    4. Family Finance (which is a minor setback. Least worried.) Baby Bonus and subsidies make a LOT of difference. Thank you for that initiative. It is what it is - a bonus. With that, I am able to place my child in a preferred school with a good programme. I want quality, so I pay more.

    5. Workplace mindset. You give us more days off. We welcome that, but do you think the workforce think likewise?? No. The last time I utilised the 3rd-mth maternity perk, I was arranged to take leave as and when it was deemed "non-peak". At the discretion of my supervisor. It was totally the opposite of the whole main purpose.

    "Suggestions, Mr PM? I suppose! Give me months to think about it"

    Monday, August 18, 2008


    Rewards bring positive effects on you. Like what I have just recently experienced. And for that, I am Thankful to Him for the blessings bestowed upon me.

    1. The company I've been working for rewarded me by acknowledging my loyalty and contributions for the past 5 years. I am one of the few recipients of Long Service Appreciation award on Friday. I was awarded with a Swatch watch. Coincidentally, I have a collection, that brings to a total of 20. Am I happy? Happpppy.

    2. Being Nisfu Syaaban on Saturday (where Maghrib is the beginning of the day); I was rewarded with the opportunity to sit jemaah with hubby and parents to recite surah Yaasin, 3 times. Usually we are ALWAYS occupied Saturdays, but not last Saturday. Following that reward, I prayed that my dua granted, and ibadah on that day accepted.

    3. I had the niat to Puasa sunat Nisfu Syaaban; but considering it was on a Sunday, I was eerrrr...contemplating. I woke up for Subuh and reached for the Amalan Seharian book, and I turned to this page, where it mentioned about the Rewards promised by Allah for those who observes fasting. I made my niat and Alhamdulillah, continued my fast. I was excited by the Rewards. Like I've said, may Allah reward my ibadah.

    4. Rewarded with Hor Fun for iftar; peace and tranquility the whole day, yes! despite having Rushda and Durrah around.

    5. Team Singapore's table-tennis duo won themselves Silver at the Olympics. That's their reward for all their perserverence and hard works. Li Jiawei (despite being a China-born) has been wanting to do this for Singapore. We must be happy for her.

    My opinion about their winning? Fabulous. Its the fighting spirits. Nevermind that they are not pure Singaporeans. If we want something to be won by 'real' Singaporeans, then nurture your children's talents in sports. Dont be empty-barrels. Personally, I feel that Li Jiawei won. Not Singapore. Good for her, first. Good for country, second.

    On that note, believe in Rewards. You'll never know when you'll get one, but you will, if you are committed, have the patience and optimistic. Enjoy what you do and You'll be rewarded.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    These Bloody Bladders....

    Its 12.20am, 14th August 2008.

    I should be up in 6 hours time; get ready for work. Yet I can't sleep.

    If Rushda has constipation problems; I have this.

    Its UTI. Urinary Tract Infection.

    I've been to the toilet countless time; the "nnnggg" feelings are unbearable.

    It's the fear of wetting the bed. Im now kneeling on the floor, facing my sleeping babies, blogging, and waiting for the next urge to go.

    I've gulped mugs of water. Im looking forward to this month's utility bill...*flush**flush*

    Sidetrack: Michael Phelps...he is talented. His swimming, is superb. I actually wanna say, he is yummy (but of course, Dear. You are yummier lah. But... you can't swim. How?).