Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day's j.i.n.x for the 2nd time

That word jinx here is more of defined as "bad befallen" and not that suay kind of "suay" in my context of celebrating Mother's Day, as a mother, a supposedly happy occasion. You see, it happened twice. Once (in '07), I accidentally dislocated Rushda's elbow while trying to move her away from an army of red ants. We were at the beach, then we end up in KK's A&E. This year...

Durrah was not well on Mother's Day (11/5). I noticed her sleeping patterns changed, her moods were so-so, and to think that we actually went out on a rendezvous supposedly "celebrating". She must have felt very very very uncomfortable.

The following Monday night, she had bouts of vomitting. She vomitted on our bed, which bedcovers I've just changed. Nevermind that. I ripped the soiled ones off, and put on a new one. So when Durrah vomitted the second time after midnight, I told myself, "That's it. Must go to the hospital now. Two reasons: 1) She may vomit on the bed and I may need to change the quilt covers again! and 2) Vomitting sucks. Can't bear to see a baby vomit. Kesian. It hurts my gastro-system. With two kids now, we dont panic. At 2.00am, we drove to KK. Only at 5.30am, we get to see the doctor. The A&E sucks. Nevermind that.

We knew Durrah's case was not normal when she needed x-ray, her vomit turned yellowish-greenish and when senior MO was consulted. Eventually, kena warded.

Day 1: Vomitted after every feed. Passed out blood, just blood in her diapers. Weak. Dehydrated. Falls asleep easily. Evening, sent for ultrascan. Report out: Intussuception.

An intussusception (a blockage of the intestine) is a medical condition in which a part of the small intestine that has invaginated into another section of intestine, similar to the way in which the parts of a collapsible telescope slide into one another.[1] The part which prolapses into the other is called the intussusceptum, and the part which receives it is called the intussuscipiens.

An intra-operative view of intussuception.

Day 1 (evening): Durrah had to have drip plug insertion and then go through air-enema procedure. As she was dehydrated, she has to be on drip. Heartbreaking procedures. We were there to see and hear Durrah crying helplessly. That night, Durrah didnt sleep well. I was relieved Dear was around and determined to overnight although ward policy stated only one parent. The nurses at Ward 85 were very understanding. They have their "by-right" rules, and they also shared with me "by-lefts". So that helped me alot.

Day 2: Different doctors - the seniors to the newbies came to check her. Durrah was fine but "NIL BY MOUTH". She was very hungry and grouchy. Drip off! Yes!!!!!

Day 3: Much much better. I will always remember that smile she gave on that morning she woke up. I wanted to go home so badly. She hasnt poop yet. I want to make sure she poops fine and not bloody. Charlotte, a Research Nurse came by and asked for my consent to include Durrah in their study of cases of Intussuception in Singapore. She said its not rare but not common either. Only about 25-30 cases reported a year in Singapore. So far, her statics collected showed that usually it occurs in boys. small percentage of recurrence. Her explanation was clear, I signed the consent form.

Day 4: Drip plug off. Home sweet home. We were thankful it was over. I was secretly in tears whenever Durrah gave me a bright sunshiney smile. I felt useless to see the pain she went through. Credits to Rushda, for her patience and care for adik Durrah. Also to Sufi Khairina, the patient next bed. a 2-yrs-olds girl with bronchitis. We became good neighbours. The day ended with a healthy Durrah, a fevered Rushda and a tired but happy Ummi.

Im still looking forward to next Mother's Day, with the hope of joys and laughters from my girls! Please, no more hospitals.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day!! May Day!!

Just over....
  • Salary ( with "generous" extras from company and government). Syukur.
  • A short getaway to Sunway Lagoon. Really short.
  • The Man U-Chelsea match with the latter winning 2-1. Chelsea kayu! Linesman potek! May they meet again for the finals. This i gotta see.
  • The HFMD cluster at work. All eight are well. Syukur. May there'll be no future outbreaks.
  • Mummy's stay at the hospital for heart attack. Mum is due for a heart bypass end of May. Mummy and I.... another separate story, another day.
  • Shocking news of divorce and marriages. Allah knows best.
  • Good news - The Udas got their unit at Raintree, Bukit Timah. We are happy for them!!Very close to nature. May the monkeys get to hang around.
  • Durrah turned 7 months. She's a pie.

Coming Up...

  • My "non-profit" project at work: Project Multiple Intelligence. This is unlike business projects raking in millions of dollars, but still this is my baby. Im overall in charge, and I truly hope the ladies at work are in this with me. Are you with me gals???
  • Mother's Day.
  • Mummy's bypass.
  • ME time. May I get a ME time, please.

May is not only a month. It is a polite [term] used in English. When you wished for someone something, you say "May you....". And when in a hope for a yes, you say, "May I...". So make May a month of prayer and well-wishes. Yes, I prayed daily in a hope for my prayers to be answered. Im just gonna do more in May.

May you have a good week / month ahead.