Monday, June 26, 2006

the One with American & Asian GHOSTS

Today in class... Megan: Miss Raudha, my brother made me VERY VERY upset yesterday. Me: Oh Whats the matter? Megan: He called me a ghost. Ashley to Megan: Ghost is white. You are not white. Megan: I know. Alyssa interrupted: NOoooo!!! Ghost is green. Ash: But I thought ghosts are white? Alyssa: No, thats from America. (This caught my full attention. Then she continued...) Chinese ghosts are green. Ashley: Is it? Really> Alyssa with her eyes wide, looking at Ash confidently: Yesssss. The white ones are from America. The one from China are green ghosts. Me to Alyssa: If white ghosts are American, and the ones from China are green, what about Singaporean ghost? Alyssa answered seriously. confidently, without a second thought..... ................. ................ ................ "Any colour".

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's on my TV nowadays...

I have a TV at home. In fact, two. The main one is placed in the most prominent place of the house- the living room. There's a mini version of the same brand- Ichiban, in my parent's room. But because Mummy is an ardent viewer of TV3, we were warned not to channel-surf as it may cause us to lose the channel's frequency. Yes, for TV3, we are at the mercy of wind-directions. That is because, to watch TV3, the service of an aerial is needed. So whenever Mummy comes to visit, I wouldn't want to be the one standing with the aerial next to the window where the neighbours can see me, trying to find the 'G-spot'. Once found, she warned us, "don't touch my TV3". So that is just like having ONE tv, right? ... I also have a good husband and an 18-months old adorable toddler. Whenever the TV is switched on, depending on the main viewer of the house, like it or not, you either see:


You know, its a good thing that I don't mind at all. Yes, seriously, I don't mind the football, and I don't mind watching the same Hi-5 series over and over AND over again. Don't I have a favourite programme? Not really.

[But I do love watching Oprah, Discovery Travel & Living and lately, Malcolm In The Middle (Star World)].

In fact, I'm as thrilled that World Cup is here. I'm not like other women who complained that the World Cup is causing their man to- not spend quality time, be ignorant, turning down dates, and blah blah. Be thankful that it happens only for a month, not to mention, once every four years. I do noticed that some matches start at 9pm. Baaagus. I get to be IN the house, do my things while Dear watch the match and minding Rushda at the same time. Hey, that's multi-tasking! For now, he is not complaining.

Hi-5 is in our living room before the starting of any match or when it's sleeping time in Germany or when THE MAN is sleeping or out for work. Then Rushda will be glued, and once again, I get to do my things. Either that, or I will join her in the dancing and singing.

At this point, although I am alone, with Dear at work, and Rushda with Andak, I should treat myself to the TV, right? No. I rather.... sleep. Tomorrow is a long day at Sentosa for LV staff training.

Auf Wiedersehen. Ich Liebe Dich.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Alsagoff Reunion - Class of '94.

I was ecstatic to receive this sms from Faridah Johari: "A'kum teman2. I miss u all so much.I'm thinkin of having a reunion get-2-gether dlm waktu terdekat ni, maybe july. Whats ur opinion/suggestions?" 08:05. After 'discovering' Sarena and Salinnah in Multiply, and after knowing that most of us are mothers... we should! I've been the long-lost one. But I remember my school-mates dearly. How can I not? Most of us grew up together from P1. One of them is my cousin, Habibah. In fact, Habibah and me started off from PPIS kindergarten. Never been apart since then. Oddly, we never were best of friends. But close though. She is the brainy one. Faridah was the Math Queen. The 78s were: Myself, Habibah, Rosdiana, Faridah, Noreny, Nurussiyam, Mahfudzah, Mazraah The slightly older ones were: Siti Khadijah, Dewi Rahayu, Siti Lailah, Sarena, Salinnah, Nurulhuda. I know there were two more. *30minutes have passed, and Im still thinking* Okay, hope they will agree to it. Need to catch up with the married ones, and the swinging singles.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The One with Shark and Maggots and Hadi

I had the WEIRDEST dream last Wednesday night. I dont have any recollection of recent dreams. I dream about it, but it will poof off once Im awake and I will forget all about it. But not this time, I was awaken by it, and told Dear about it right away, at 3 am in the morning. Okay, here how it goes: This dream involves Hadi (Dear's nephew), me and a baby of a Great White Shark. Me: Hadi, pernah tengok shark? H: Pernah (nodding his head). Me: Hadi pernah makan shark? H: Makan?!?! (big eyes) Me: Nak try? H: Nak! (excited) Next scene, we were at a kitchen/restaurant; looked like a japanese sushi outlet. Me: Hadi tengok eh. Suddenly, there was a baby shark slammed on the table, fierce snout facing us. Terkejut. We were seated like customers waiting for our sushi and teppanyaki. The shark was placed on a table slightly higher than us. Then, with one great chop, the shark was sliced like a loaf of bread. Its head fell off the table and dropped on Hadi's foot. Next scene, I saw the sole of Hadi's foot red with blisters and like bubbles bursting.... and holey cheese, there were something alive moving inside! Me: Hadi, kenapa dengan kaki Hadi? H: Oh oh....mmmmm....maggots. (While examining his own foot). LO AND BEHOLD.... maggots popped outs. Hundreds of it. Then, two more familar faces came to the picture. Kak Erni (Hadi's mum): I think we need to bring him to the hospital. By now, Abang Uda (Hadi's dad) was also examining and looked verrry very crossed. Me: Sorry eh. I nak ajak Hadi makan shark, tak sangka dia jadi gini. Abang Uda: YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW? He is ALLERGIC TO SHARK! End of dream. And by the end of this post, I am laughing uncontrollably. Didnt had a chance to share it with Kak Erni. Oh well, she will know when she reads this post. Hope they have a smooth journey to Port Dickson. :)

<---- That's Hadi.

Monday, June 12, 2006

06.06.06 1. Mummy & Ayah's Anniversary. Its their 36th. 2. Tok (Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haron) passed away on this day back in 1986. I was 8 years old. The first time I was present to witness a funeral. Though playful and oblivious of the event, I remembered those who attended said: "Alhamdulillah eh, jenazah meninggal malam 7 lekor..." and "kalau tak silap, semalam malam lailatul-qadar lah"... sounds good enough for me. My Tok is protected and in 'good hands'. 07.06.06 I left work at 7.30pm. A kid was not picked up, due to miscommunication between Ah Kong and Ah Ma. That poor chilld. And the grandparents...must have been blaming each other. 08.06.06 To Pasir Ris Library, then to Swensen's for Apple Crumble. Dear joined me. Couple moment. 09.06.06 Went to the hospital to visit Nek Chu, who is in 4th stage of colon cancer. We were told that the cancer has spread to her liver. Another story of 'it-happened-so-fast'. Will be visiting her again. 10.06.06 Work then house chores then attend Sofie's birthday party then home, then no channel 27. Dear is a terror on the road. Isshh. 11.06.06 Rushda down with fever. At home, nursing her. Everything else has to wait. 12.06.06 6.00pm - Go home lah. Rest.