Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Second Newborn- Durrah

Earlier this month, on 2nd October 2007; 1203hr; this little one was lifted out of the cozy warm womb of mine. We celebrated the birth of numero dos. We named her Durrah- Precious Pearl (arabic origin). Here she is...Durrah weighs 3.7kg and was 50cm in length. Yet again, it was another episode of tightly-shut cervix albeit the contractions. Dr Chandra advised us to call off our birthplan and proceed with cesarean surgery. That decision was made two days before October 1st, which was originally the EDD. I was dissapointed.

What a Deja vu. Plot sama macam Rushda in 2005.

Anyway, knowing that my cervix was not in a "favourable" condition to be induced, I was given two options; either I wait and wait till labour comes naturally OR get baby out (cesarean) before any complications arises. I chose the second option simply because after all the false contractions and extra weight, all I was thinking of is to get it over and done with.

First heard of epidural cesar from Kak Erni. Im convinced that the chances of coughing/sneezing are very low, so I opt for regional anasthesia this time. Because from the first experience, I was unconscious; on GA. The coughings aftermath were unforgettable horror ! To prepare myself emotionally and visually, i watched videoclips of epid-cesar at YouTube. The first few times made me squirmed and weak. I rolled on the floor to gain strength lah! Then, TV was airing In The Womb at that time, and there was a mother who had quadruplets, thru epidural cesarean section. Mother gets to 'greet' each of them. Then, there was THE STITCHING... and there was the HUSBAND! Husband in the operation theatre?????? Yes. The night before the surgery was an emotional one. I sobbed uncontrollably as I listened to the azan and iftar with Dear. Nervous breakdown and the first stage of fear sunk in. Real one. The next day...

Somehow macam more relaxed and anticipated the procedures. Unforgettable moments:
  1. After being given the enema shot via anal, I wanted to poop so badly, seconds after the cleaner went in the private loo to do routine cleaning. Imagine the LONG 5 minutes wait. Fooh. Bagus jugak lah, as I poop, I inhale the freshly pine-scented toilet. So clean.
  2. Being wheeled to the elevator and seeing the attendant pressed the Level 2 button. (Thats where the Ops Theatre is).
  3. Seeing Dr Chandra and his wife, Dr Tiwari in their scrub suits and white pasar boots; waiting for my arrival.
  4. Dr Loo, the anesthetist explaining to me what he will do and how "we prepare you 'cantik-cantik' before your husband see you."
  5. "Cantik-cantik" includes inserting the IV tube to my hand. OK. Sit up and crouching forward like a prawn. OK. Feeling the shocking sharp pain of the epid-jab. Not OK. Getting the 3 immediate side-effects: feels like vomitting, shivering and itch on the face. OK. Feeling the catheter inserted even before I am fully numb. Not OK. Ugh. I hated that.
  6. Seeing Dear walked into the OT wearing full scrub suit with head-cover, facial mask... how I wished we could take photo together. Macam Grey's Anatomy. We were so matched.
  7. Both Dr Loo and Dr Chandra asked if I can feel a pinch. I asked them, "which one of you are pinching me???" Dr Loo answered, "it doesn't matter. We will proceed now".
  8. The smell of something burning. The sound of liquid suctions.
  9. Asking Dear if he could see whats happening. He chose not to look.
  10. When Dr Tiwari said: "Ok. Get ready. The baby is coming out now" and when Dr Loo assisted by pushing out baby from the top of my tummy. "1..2..3..."
  11. The baby's cries, and Dear's gentle and assuring strokes on my forehead.
  12. Seeing Durrah for the first time.
  13. The shivers turned to sweat......HOT!
  14. When seeing a familiar nurse, I greet'em: "I remember you. Remember me?..."
  15. Dear, Rushda, Durrah and me had our private moment in the ward.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Im no longer pregnant!

Im not pregnant anymore! The baby has been safely delivered on Tuesday, 2nd Oct 2007, 1203hr @ Eastshore Hospital. We just got home today, with LOTS of freebies and gifts from my dearest colleagues at LV. More details in my next post. Meanwhile, I'll be busy dealing with major engorgements, night feeds, changing diapers, keeping the house clean, taking medicines, entertaining Rushda and Dear at the same time, and countless more chores not mentioned here. Providing family's basic needs, basically. *Breathing in* Keeping my sane hat on. Praying hard i will not drop dead.