Sunday, September 24, 2006

*Ramadhan* Well-Wishes SMS & Email

Marhaban, Yaa Ramadhan
"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed upon those before you in order that you may attain taqwaa."Surah al-Baqarah 2:183
Okay, quick facts. 1. Dear was enthusiastic about waking up early for Sahuur. Set mine and his alarm at 4.30am. One alarm beep, and he is up. That's the spirit, Dear. Do it everyday, please. The food: Meatball kicap from Mummy; Fried Vege from Mak; and one Sunny Side Up for dear. Eat eat eat; clean clean clean....ZzzzzZZZ... wake up again for Subuh....Zzzz again. Now, Dear out to work; Rushda out to see Mummy cooking bubur at Kassim Mosque. 2. I received no less than 15 sms & email about welcoming Ramadhan. There were hadiths, poems, a joke and tips shared. All the more semangat to do the ibadah of fasting. The joke I got via sms was ok, funny... but I wonder if one should be forwarding here and there. It goes like this: "Doa Tahan Puasa- Allahumma baringsana baringsini- wa sudahlapar wamaumati- walihatjam masihlama lagi- takda caralagi- wakena baring lagi - sampai senjananti." The ending note 'just for a smile'. Hmmmm, its funny, but its making FUN of doas which are aunthentic words to reach to Allah. Allahu'a alam. Furthermore, I learned that it is discouraged to write doa Romanised as it may cause misconception in the meaning. Na'uzubillah. I'm proud of the poem The Night of Power written by my very one and only uncle, Kamal. Its in my email account at work. Will definitely share it here. 3. Last night, I decided that its time to wean Rushda of breastmilk.
I did the traditional rub-lemon-juice-on-both-breasts. I felt so wrong doing that, I continued to doa, asking for blessings and help. Now, with the stingy feel on the nips, I was waiting for Rushda to ask. I kissed her, cuddled her and explained to her that it is time to move on. I apologised to her. All that time, she gazed me in the eyes and kept nodding. As if. Next, Rushda released. She beckoned to me her mouth; 'it's sourish, Ummi'. I cried a bucket. Last night, Rushda fell asleep on her own. :( I am so sorry sayang. Ummi still loves you.

Rushda 2mths old. Took this photo to submit for World Breastfeeding Week.

4) Today is Chu's birthday. She is 40, and I got something special from Far East Flora to be delivered to her; Kak Erni sent me a song file- It's M Nasir's song titled Bahtera Raudah, presented as birthday song (konon). Thank you , sis.

5) Tonight S'pore Idol. Are you (yes you, not me) watching or going for terawih???????

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Alive and Kickin'

Hmmmmm... it has been OVER a month here. I have successfully put my priorities straight. I have been able to do the wajibs and sunnats, and leave out the makruhs, hypothetically speaking. Like updating this blog- at a point, I asked myself, whats my objective of having this blog again? Oh right, to keep in touch with friends out there. And when this blog went silent for a month, no one asked. AHAH! So blogging slides down to number 10 in this month's Top of The Chart. So like what for wajibs and sunnats? The usual things mothers i.e no maid-and-working kind of mum: prepare kid's stuffs to school; clean the house; complete datelines at work; scrub it all out, for the policy of NO DUST NO STAIN NO CLUTTER is the policy we adhere to at work nowadays; prepare teaching aids way in advance. Updating the class' website. Now this one is 'sunnat'. The parents look forward to view the latest pics of their kids in actions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so what to look forward to, now that we are into the 4th quarter of 2006? 1. My Birthday, which is tomorrow. 2. Ramadhan! 3. Salary. 4. The birthday discount treats from Aussino, Times, etc (all that I have signed up for membership!) 5. Sabrina and Sharifah's babies. 6. My LP evaluations done *yawnnnn* 7. The opening of IKEA, which is so ooooo ohhh soooo near to me. 8. Dear's 3-Nation Ride trip. He promised to fund my scrapbooking classes. 9. Some reunions with old colleagues/schoolmates. 10. Hear more words from Rushda. She can now say: Bubbles; May (her teacher's name); Nenek and tetek *slap head*