Friday, July 14, 2006

Tag Time!

Daaah Saturday. Alhamdulillah. The week has been a blissful one. As usual, list of things to be done remains just, a list. I've been tagged for the first time by a fellow LV blogger-buddy, Aries. Been reading others, and it has been, 'excited' or 'fun' to be tagged. Well lets see if I enjoy filling up the fields. Here it goes... Favourite Colour : Hard to single out a colour. It has been black; shades of blue and purple. Favourite Food : Depending on cravings. But it has consistently been Kacang Phool! Favourite Song : If I can pick 2 songs, they are: Bad Day by Daniel Powter (that closing song for American Idol) and one Alleycat song that goes, "Jika kau bercinta lagi..." Favourite Sport : Outdoor sports. Favourite Day of the Week : Saturday. I love saturdays! Even my working ones. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour : Swensen's Banana Crumble (served sizzling hot) Favourite Car Model : Vitara (sporty, playful, youthful - I love jeeps or their lookalikes). Favourite Subject in School :English Favourite Snacks : Anything with cheese; fruits. 9 Current.. Current Mood : amused, by my own antics. Was on the bike with Dear. Started to rain heavily, and was trying to protect by all means and ways my books and documents from getting wet. Current Taste : Simple yet chic Current Clothes : Thyme's black maternity top; 2-tones corduroy. Current Desktop : Window XP theme... Current Toenail Colour : no colours. Current Time : 2.33pm Current Surroundings : Living room, laptop, dark. Current Annoyance(s) : The fats on my upper arms and the post-natal excess too. Current Thoughts : My friend Aries; Tampines Mall and Dear doing laundry. 8 First(s).. First Best Friend : Ilyana from PPIS kindergarten. We have to part as her family moved to Brunei. Heard she was flying with SQ. First Crush :Michael Jackson.... (dont laugh). First Movie : Gremlins First Piercing : Primary 3. First Lie : When I was little, I told my friends I have a twin. First Music : Michael Jackson's Thriller album. First Car : First car I drove since I passed my Class 3 in 1997 was..... Mitsubishi SpaceWagon. First Real Date Venue : NYDC, Suntec City. 7 Last(s) Last Drink : Plain water. Last Car Ride : Yesterday. Went Parkway Parade with Dear and daughter. Last Movie : Tuesdays with Morrie @ NLB. I;m the only one who cried. Last Phone Call : to Dear - "Wanna fetch me?". Last Song Played : Hi-5 song. Last Food Ate : Tim Sum's dimsums. Last Thing I do before I go to sleep : recite doas and surahs; breastfeed Rushda; read - currently Loving Without Spoiling by Nancy Samalin. If there's a dispute between me and Dear, I'll read 5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman. These two books are by the bed at all time.

6 Have You Ever(s) Have you ever dated one of your best friends : no.

Have you ever broken the law : maybe.

Have you ever been arrested : no.

Have you ever skinned dipped : In hotel privacy? yes.

Have you ever been on TV : Several times, but never get to see myself.

Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know : maybe. 5 Things You Are Wearing.

Hairband; my top; my pants; and 2 undergarments. 4 Things You've Done Today

Clean my classroom; Reorganize learning corners; Finish work on time; AND quality time with my ayah.

3 Things You Can Hear Right Now

Rain with thunder; Dear clearing his throat *sexy*; and Rockstart Supernova on Ch 18. 2 Things You Can't Live Without

Advices; Manuals.

1 Thing You Do When You Are Bored - READ. Eh.. really???? After going through the answers, I know myself better. Anyone can do this. But the list can be lenghty eh....