Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear!

Today, Dear turned 33. I was all excited about it. I had plans to do this and that, to make his birthday this year a memorable one (I always do). None was executed. Hmmm.. There's always some other time I can do this surprise. Which can be Laaagggiii surprise. Yeah! I think I should do that. Anyways, here's one of the plans I had was to write down on little pieces of coloured papers something that he wouldnt mind me getting. Like his wishlist or something like that. I would write Timberland; Adidas; Times; Takashimaya; World Of Sports; etc etc. Fold the papers and put them in a jar, which ideally should be tied with a nice ribbon, and place it at a place he least expected like in a fridge or bathroom or in the car, OR... I should just be the one presenting it.

So, picked he will, and only one.

Whatever is written there, that's what he's getting from me. I'll probably buy him vouchers, so he can choose what he likes. Not the case of '05. I rushed to Timberland to get him the Earth Day tee. He wears it ONLY at home. Since that was the case, it is now permanently mine.

We had a great time today going here and there with Rushda. The highlight of the day was Birthday Lunch at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt Hotel. My treat. Thanks to Mummy. The ambience was nice and relaxing. Mummy was right, should've left Rushda at Nenek's place, for us to be able to really enjoy the buffet spread. The food was great. Halal. I love everything about it - the food, the service, the place. $90 for 2 of us, service charges and GST tax. Once in a while, why not. Lavish yourself with food. In the midst of lunch, that familiar smell paused us and discreetly, we panicked.

"You wanna bring her to the Ladies and change?" Dear with his quickest and 'wittiest' idea. "I'm not sure if they have a changing table. " I said. And then like it's a God-sent thing, I saw my Young Parents magazine in Rushda's bag. I remembered reading the reviews of Nursing Rooms in this month's YP. I scrutinize ten-pages of listings for the nearest nursing room and *voila* - TANGS! That's just next door! And Young Parents rated it as one of the best and they love it. So we had to shorten our lunch moment and head straightaway to TANGS' kids Playground (but actually its not a playground) and change Rushda, before it spills over. Busuknya bukan main lagi. And oh yes, I love the nursing room. Very cozy for nursing; there's water and inflatable mat for diaper-changing.

Now that Rushda can walk, she roams around alot. She will stop at a blouse, pick it out and shows me. The other day, at Kiddy Palace, she did that, then walk straight to the cashier. A stranger noticed and says to Rushda: "Oh you are paying for that? Cashier is that way". :)

We went to Great World City to check out that mall. Bumped into "rafsarin" - an online friend whom I just got to know. She looked radiant with her pregnancy into the 3rd tri. She's petite and pretty, and her profile pic at Multiply was attractive.

Anyway, Happy 33rd Birthday Dear. Believe it or not, this is the 9th time we are celebrating your birthday together. Don't worry about getting old lah. You still look young, especially with your biking hobby. Enjoy your trip to Thailand next month. Like I told you, your prezzie this year includes some funding from me, ok. This is my way to show you that I love you.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The One With Addiction Part 2

Its 1.34pm, and I decided to switch back to the original Dadha Speaks template. *burp* Im having McChicken meal from Ashley's birthday. The kids had fun with the games and goodies. The birthday girl got special gift from McDonald's "aunties". Joann - Ashley's mum told me that she paid $7 per child. I have 17 in a class.. Well, after 9 years working with kids, I know jolly well that Joann had set the trend/stress on the other parents. Why? Coz more birthday celebration to go! Ashley is only the 4th oldest in class. As usual, the rest will go home to tell Mummy and Daddy about the celebration and will ask if they can have the same one too. So what does all that means? It means I get to have more FREE McD's meals for lunch. Yumma Yumma. Haaaiiiizzzz.... damn lucky the kids nowadays, and kindergarten teachers too.

I Can't Stomach It

Coming back to addiction, I regretted not sleeping yesterday, coz I had a hard time climbing out of the bed. Im not sleepy after that 2hrs sleep, but boy am I feeling high.

Anyways..... *yawn*

I am sooooo happy that I discovered cousin Edleen has a blog here at blogspot. She's into scrappin' and her LO (layouts) are gorgeous. She scrapped about her kids and family. Hah... all mothers would do that - dedicate pages after pages to their loved ones, but not for themselves. :) I can't wait for our next meet-up and share my cardstocks and embellishments and find out all about that websites she posted her LOs.

I would like to thank Mrs Peh - Shin & Shun's mum for introducing me to Scrapbooking. She actually did one LO of her sons attending my wedding. The colour schemes to the brads to the journals were so perfect. When she showed me, I thank her thinking that it was for me; then she said, no, its for her sons to keep as memory. Malu kita tau. That was how it all started. Thanks to her, I found out about Made With Love at Plaza Singapura. Once I step into the shop, its hard to leave. And they just gets better and better. Sandra and Elvira, the main coordinator of the shop are nice peeps. Must go there soon.

Cousin Ed gorgeous scraps can be viewed at her blog:

Made With Love is at Plaza Singapure, 3rd floor, at a hidden corner.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The One With Addiction

I wanna be PINK for a day or two. See how it's like - whether it suits me, or if it just look nice on the screen. It's 3.37am, and I was toggling with this blog and multiply sites since about an hour ago. Blame it on Dear. He came home from his usual hangout at Tampines St 43 at around 1am, and then disturb our sleep with his kissies. Rushda grumbled amidst sleep, and I have to quickly hush her up with breasts (-feeding). That's fine. But he came home without my Milo Dinosaur. MANA BOLEH?!?!?! Feeling GUILTY, Dear made me a mug of Ice Milo (not Dino version, this one 'Tikus' version). Its a good thing he made that, I got up, took wudhuk and did f0000;">T.Y. is currently busy joining all the cip activities. haha. we are all crazy. but i cant speak dialects lah. how to go for that elderly thingy. later they speak some kinda alien language den i freak out. worst rite. haha. anyway... iv made lots of frenz in mj oredi. when i say lots i mean LOTS

Friday, March 17, 2006

The One with the Bowling Nite

Since Ixus is not working... I downloaded all the pics from our CF card. My my my... so many pictures for so many events.
One of my favourites was from the Bowling nite we had two Fridays back. It was a well-spent, quality family time. We make lots of noise at Pasir Ris Bowl Downtown East. Kecoh. Rushda enjoyed the night, though abit stifled by the presence of the Great Bowler. Hehehe...
The Great Bowler was who-else but Uncle Faizal aka Tok Chu aka Tok Lim to Rushda.
And so, we had something like an inter-couple bowling competition, like Chu and Uncle Faizal; Rizal and Anna; and myself with my super-striker Dear. Many a times, Dear had to play for me, while Rushda observes her surrounding whilst clingy to her Ummu. STRIKE! Then next set, STRIKE! and then another...STRIKE! Thats Dear getting strikes for me!!! Im so proud of him.
That's strike after strike after strike. And for that hat-trick, he's getting surprise rewards from me. Oh yes. One after another...

Thats Dear and me... showing off our nice-smelling bowling shoes. I love the bright green. I don't go bowling that much, but I could imagine myself with Ed and friends at Stuckey Bowl.

Bowling is stress-relieving. I'm "bowled" over by how skillful the people next lanes were. I'm sure to be back on the alleys to get myself more strikes, or should I just let Dear do that for me.

Will be updating more pics at Dadha's Pics!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The One with Digicam

All Canon stuffs of mine are working... not the way they should be, though. First, it was the printer. the only suspect I have in mind is little Rushda. She is amused by the green/orange light whenever the power button is pressed. So, she will press as many times she wishes. Until one day I realised that when I print my documents, alignments need adjustment. Pictures quality totally teruk. Alamak... It got worst. When printing is in progress, you can hear 'jeg...jeg' jerking sound. Apa tu? I hope its not cicak flatten by the cartridge. Today, my worst fear came true - our Canon Ixus V3 is diagnosed with serious, critical lens cancer. There's nothing you can view from there. Shucks. How coincidental can that be? You tell me. First, I just sign up as a Multiply user at There, I was singing praises about my Canon digicam. I have taken over 5000 pics with it. Then today - rosak. Second, the IT show was last weekend. Saw the promo on Saturday's papers. You can trade-in and get the latest Ixus. Eeeeee.... how ironic can it be. *censored* *censored* *censored*
"So, what's our plan Dear?" I asked the husband.
He talked about some DVDcam.
"Dear, can you give me a more realistic answer?" ...silence.
Now, all I do is fantasize my next digital camera. Come back to see what I fantasize for.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The One with Psychology

An opportunity to pursue diploma in psychology awaits me. Before I sign on any forms or bond, I read up whatever I can. Then I chanced upon this recycle paper which Timothy gave me. On the other side of it, he pasted two paper boats and coloured the paper blue. Flipping on the other side, you have a 'Measurement of Self-Actualization' by Jones and Crandall (1986). We have to give a scale for each of the statements. Forget about the scores, it's how I give myself the following scales. Fellow bloggists and visitors, you can try it too. 1 = disagree; 2 = somewhat disagree; 3 = somewhat agree; 4 = agree. 1. I do not feel ashamed of any of my emotions. (4) 2. I feel I must do what others expect me to do. (3) 3. I believe that people are essentially good and can be trusted. (4) 4. It is always necessary that others approve of what I do. (2) 5. I don't accept my own weakness. (4) 6. I fear failure. (3) 7. It is better to be yourself than be popular. (4) 8. I can express my feelings even when they may result in undesirable consequences. (4) 9. I am bothered by fears of being inadequate. (3) 10. I am loved because I give love. (3) It's a simple test, but it took me longer than expected to give it a scale. So what does this test says about me? I'll look out for more recycle papers in this class...