Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear!

Today, Dear turned 33. I was all excited about it. I had plans to do this and that, to make his birthday this year a memorable one (I always do). None was executed. Hmmm.. There's always some other time I can do this surprise. Which can be Laaagggiii surprise. Yeah! I think I should do that. Anyways, here's one of the plans I had was to write down on little pieces of coloured papers something that he wouldnt mind me getting. Like his wishlist or something like that. I would write Timberland; Adidas; Times; Takashimaya; World Of Sports; etc etc. Fold the papers and put them in a jar, which ideally should be tied with a nice ribbon, and place it at a place he least expected like in a fridge or bathroom or in the car, OR... I should just be the one presenting it.

So, picked he will, and only one.

Whatever is written there, that's what he's getting from me. I'll probably buy him vouchers, so he can choose what he likes. Not the case of '05. I rushed to Timberland to get him the Earth Day tee. He wears it ONLY at home. Since that was the case, it is now permanently mine.

We had a great time today going here and there with Rushda. The highlight of the day was Birthday Lunch at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt Hotel. My treat. Thanks to Mummy. The ambience was nice and relaxing. Mummy was right, should've left Rushda at Nenek's place, for us to be able to really enjoy the buffet spread. The food was great. Halal. I love everything about it - the food, the service, the place. $90 for 2 of us, service charges and GST tax. Once in a while, why not. Lavish yourself with food. In the midst of lunch, that familiar smell paused us and discreetly, we panicked.

"You wanna bring her to the Ladies and change?" Dear with his quickest and 'wittiest' idea. "I'm not sure if they have a changing table. " I said. And then like it's a God-sent thing, I saw my Young Parents magazine in Rushda's bag. I remembered reading the reviews of Nursing Rooms in this month's YP. I scrutinize ten-pages of listings for the nearest nursing room and *voila* - TANGS! That's just next door! And Young Parents rated it as one of the best and they love it. So we had to shorten our lunch moment and head straightaway to TANGS' kids Playground (but actually its not a playground) and change Rushda, before it spills over. Busuknya bukan main lagi. And oh yes, I love the nursing room. Very cozy for nursing; there's water and inflatable mat for diaper-changing.

Now that Rushda can walk, she roams around alot. She will stop at a blouse, pick it out and shows me. The other day, at Kiddy Palace, she did that, then walk straight to the cashier. A stranger noticed and says to Rushda: "Oh you are paying for that? Cashier is that way". :)

We went to Great World City to check out that mall. Bumped into "rafsarin" - an online friend whom I just got to know. She looked radiant with her pregnancy into the 3rd tri. She's petite and pretty, and her profile pic at Multiply was attractive.

Anyway, Happy 33rd Birthday Dear. Believe it or not, this is the 9th time we are celebrating your birthday together. Don't worry about getting old lah. You still look young, especially with your biking hobby. Enjoy your trip to Thailand next month. Like I told you, your prezzie this year includes some funding from me, ok. This is my way to show you that I love you.

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