Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Looming dark clouds ahead"

I saw in the papers, many times, especially of late, about "looming dark clouds ahead". Obviously, they were referring to the terrible terrible world economic recession.

I saw those clouds alright. Looooooming....

A view from where I work. I was standing at the window, hoping to snap a pic of lightning. (Too much Discovery Channel!!)

Looking at that staircase, it reminded me of a dream I had two nights ago. I was driving our Mazda 2 tailing behind another car, apparently driven by Tamhid. He was with the little ones and we were on some village roads in Malaysia. From the main road, he made a left turn into a one-lane street. I turned too, BUT he's gone. So I kept on driving and told myself, "Couldn't be. How could I lose him?" I continued driving and at the same time, looking at the scenic kampung houses, padi field, a small mosque and then suddenly I reached a dead end. Well, not really dead lah. There was a staircase, something like the one in the picture above, except that it was wider and shorter.

Here's the funny part of the dream - I got out of the car, somewhat searching for network, and called him,

Me: "Eh where are you?? I'm lost. Which way did you go?"

Tamhid: "Huh? Lost? How can you be lost, you were right behind me, what."

Me: "I kat tangga. I ask you eh, this car can go down staircase or not?"

Tamhid: MANA BOLEH?!?!?! (how can?!?!) Mana ada TANGGA?! (Where got staircase?)

Me: Hah?! Cannot eh? Then how? No gear for staircase eh? (began to panic)

I started to walk around aimlessly looking for him, and when I came back, (this was the saddest part) the car was gone. Stolen. Panic again. Gotta find the car before Tamhid finds out.

Before I found the car, I found Tamhid and the girls. They were eating in a "PWD Kallang airport canteen" together with..... Abang Ijal and family. What were they doing there?!?! Apparently they were presenting a car-plate to Tamhid with the word "OHLINS" with lots of heart shapes around it. By the way, OHLINS is a branded part/accesories for bikes, like the one on Hid's Hayabusa.

Weird. But funny.

Anyway, back to the looming dark cloud. Something happened this morning that has caused my heart to be looming too. The person who is supposed to be my role-model "played" me out. He still needs to learn to prioritize things. I wonder what he thinks of me; Super Woman? Well this Super Woman also needs time out.