Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Yet...

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  • Been through many contractions.
  • Been talking to friends who related their birth experiences; latest being Inah (7.45pm reached East Shore, 8.10pm, safely delivered Ammar Al-Hakeem. Masya-Allah!). Inah went through Cesarean birth for No.1, but normal delivery for No.2 (with epidural) and No.3 (no time for epidural!). SHE's the one I'm going to listen to.
  • Been fasting.
  • Been staying at home since Monday, 24/09/07.
  • Been busy trying to keep Rushda's temperature down. She's got the viral fever since Thursday, and it reached 39.8 on Saturday. We scooted off to KK and got the "Red Door" attention. As at today, she is better. No more bloodied nose.
  • Been moving about.... including heavy stuffs at home. This is what I call "self-induce". Still, no sign yet.

I go see what other things I can do now. Meanwhile, you take care. My next update would probably be about the birth of junior.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Year Older

Today WAS my birthday.

No big celebration this year. More of a quiet one. It should be that way, as everyone should be staying focus with their fasting. May Allah bless us all in this sacred Ramadhan.

The first birthday wishes came through SMS. The message tones were ringing even at 2am. A big thanks to my friends and cousin who remembered. Then got my special birthday kiss from Dear during Sahur. We didnt talk much, just eat. Rushda woke up, and told her its my birthday. Got her to sing for me- with that smelly breath!

Ayah sent us to school today, and he has forgotten about it. Mum called, asking me to come over for iftar, but she too, forgotten all about it. Just now, after iftar, as Ayah was about to leave for terawih, I declared, "Ayah, Mummy, today is my birthday". Mummy went, "Iyyerrr???? Astaghfirullahal azim, keNapa tak cakap?! Kesian lah".

Told her I want her to bake me Puteri Salat. I'm getting it tomorrow!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ramadhan Reminders

"From: Nisha Omar Date: 09/12/07 19:59:37 To: Recipients
Subject: Happy Ramadhan.. Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan

To my dearest ones

Wish you and family Happy Ramadhan..

Ensure that you abide by the instructions as per attached image.

Lots of Luv..

Muni Omar

Naughty naughty Muni.Wonder how is it like puasa in London?
In Singapore currently. whether is cooling. Its pouring heavily now.
Random thoughts @ current: pedicure (yes, so my toes look good during my stay in hospital); doughnuts (Ann and brother Toey mentioned yest during iftar. Cet); my 2 friends who have just given birth (how you nak payback puasa later haaa? One month leh)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


1 Ramadhan 1428 Hear that? Azan Subuh. "Assolatu khairun minannaum"

Woke up around 4am. The urge to go to the loo was strong. As I balance to stand, I felt discomfort. After 15 minutes of self-observation, I strongly believes its REAL contractions. As to whether I AM in labour first-stage, I cant tell. I have informed Dear (who felt the tremor at his work place yesterday. When he called me minutes after Maghrib, background was filled with laughters and noises. Evacuation is fun, I guess). Told him about my dilemma of to-work-or-not-to-work. Im due in 2 weeks...

Not now, can???? Hang in there, baby. Let Mummy puasa at least a week, clean up the house, and pack my hospital bag.

Ini saya dan makanan iftar. Dalam kandungan waktu itu ialah Rushda.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ending A Call

Rushda and my cousin talked on the phone last night.

After about 10 minutes of chat, Rushda said, "Okay Khuwailah. Bye".

Over and over again, she will get back to the conversation. Finally...

(on loudspeaker)

Khuwailah: Ok, good night. Rushda put down the phone.

Rushda: Ok, bye. Khuwailah put down the phone.

(putting the phone away from her ears, but still looking at it... listen again)

Rushda: Khuwailah put down the phone. THE END. Ok, put down.

How old is Rushda again????

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Night of Elegance....

Semua Cantik....
Some are Mummies and some are SINGLES!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sweet September Ahead....

A few things to remember in this sweet September...

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

The Birth of Junior #2/ Other Births!
  1. I am 36 weeks now. Junior has been REALLY active; giving me sleepless nights including last night. I finally slept at 4am+, realised it was 6.30am, but was just too exhausted to get up and do my Subuh. By the next blink, it was already 7.3oam. Rushda wanted milk.
  2. Need to do up the bedroom for Rushda and Junior, soon. Waiting for Dear to drive us down to IKEA or something.
  3. Birthdays coming up!! Intan (4/9); Syaza (11/9); Chu (24/9). Will Junior pop out before 1/10? My bet is 30/9.
  4. I really want to get some shots of myself with my belly. Patrick has agreed to it. Im excited! It'll be his first 'belly' assignment.

Being Pretty/ Dolling Up

  1. Last night was my company's dinner. The theme this year is "Elegant Black & Red". I just cant fit into Mummy's black & red 2-pc Baju Panjang, so I wore the red chiffon dress Uncle Haron made 2 yrs back. Yesterday was more special for me as I had 'hired' Sharifah to do my make-up! It was kind of her to agree to my forever last-minute 50/50 request. She did GREAT! This year, I had fake eyelashes on. Hahaha. It went well with the colours she had on my eyes. She said they are called Smoky technique. Whatever that is, I know I was 'sssssmoking~~~'. Not only that, she lent me her self-made brooch. My beloved Ayah sent us all the way to Grand Hyatt. Met up with the others. Everyone was elegant yes. The most outstanding was Tess! I almost couldnt recognize her. Pheeewit.
  2. Today is Aza's wedding. Will be attending it later. Wish I could find that heart-shaped couple coffee cups from Starbucks, to present her. Unlikely. But will try. Should I wear what I wore yesterday, minus the make-up? What if I bump into yesterday's ppl?

Ramadhan/ Planning

  1. Ramadhan falls on 13/9. Im DONE with bayar puasa. Alhamdulillah. Will try to fast with others before I pop. I may only get the first half to fast. Its okay- belum try, belum tahu.
  2. This time round, everyone will be busy. With the ibadah of fasting going on during my confinement, I cant imagine having Mummy or MIL to cook for me. Malu seh. Recently, MIL suggested to Dear that I stay over at their place for confinement. With FIL around? Errrrr.....
  3. More work to submit before I pop. Dateline BIG TIME tomorrow. Wish me luck.