Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Yet...

LilypieExpecting a baby Ticker

  • Been through many contractions.
  • Been talking to friends who related their birth experiences; latest being Inah (7.45pm reached East Shore, 8.10pm, safely delivered Ammar Al-Hakeem. Masya-Allah!). Inah went through Cesarean birth for No.1, but normal delivery for No.2 (with epidural) and No.3 (no time for epidural!). SHE's the one I'm going to listen to.
  • Been fasting.
  • Been staying at home since Monday, 24/09/07.
  • Been busy trying to keep Rushda's temperature down. She's got the viral fever since Thursday, and it reached 39.8 on Saturday. We scooted off to KK and got the "Red Door" attention. As at today, she is better. No more bloodied nose.
  • Been moving about.... including heavy stuffs at home. This is what I call "self-induce". Still, no sign yet.

I go see what other things I can do now. Meanwhile, you take care. My next update would probably be about the birth of junior.


Edleen said...

1 nice people leaving you a comment! hehe... :)

hope Rushda is feeling better. *hugs* from Auntie Edleen. already passed her layout with Aneesa to Mak Long. :)

take care, 2nd one will be smooth, InsyaAllah. hey, let's try for a 3rd and then 4th! join me! :D

Cousin Ed

madame blossom said...

yet already.. long time. update la..

it shows u're 43 weeks pregnant! hehe

hi rushda! hai durra!

DadhaSpoke said...

Okaylah okaylah... Dah post. I wanted to see how long the ticker goes.... hehehe.