Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Year Older

Today WAS my birthday.

No big celebration this year. More of a quiet one. It should be that way, as everyone should be staying focus with their fasting. May Allah bless us all in this sacred Ramadhan.

The first birthday wishes came through SMS. The message tones were ringing even at 2am. A big thanks to my friends and cousin who remembered. Then got my special birthday kiss from Dear during Sahur. We didnt talk much, just eat. Rushda woke up, and told her its my birthday. Got her to sing for me- with that smelly breath!

Ayah sent us to school today, and he has forgotten about it. Mum called, asking me to come over for iftar, but she too, forgotten all about it. Just now, after iftar, as Ayah was about to leave for terawih, I declared, "Ayah, Mummy, today is my birthday". Mummy went, "Iyyerrr???? Astaghfirullahal azim, keNapa tak cakap?! Kesian lah".

Told her I want her to bake me Puteri Salat. I'm getting it tomorrow!

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madame blossom said...

have you tried the one with kacang below? it's very nice!