Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sweet September Ahead....

A few things to remember in this sweet September...

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The Birth of Junior #2/ Other Births!
  1. I am 36 weeks now. Junior has been REALLY active; giving me sleepless nights including last night. I finally slept at 4am+, realised it was 6.30am, but was just too exhausted to get up and do my Subuh. By the next blink, it was already 7.3oam. Rushda wanted milk.
  2. Need to do up the bedroom for Rushda and Junior, soon. Waiting for Dear to drive us down to IKEA or something.
  3. Birthdays coming up!! Intan (4/9); Syaza (11/9); Chu (24/9). Will Junior pop out before 1/10? My bet is 30/9.
  4. I really want to get some shots of myself with my belly. Patrick has agreed to it. Im excited! It'll be his first 'belly' assignment.

Being Pretty/ Dolling Up

  1. Last night was my company's dinner. The theme this year is "Elegant Black & Red". I just cant fit into Mummy's black & red 2-pc Baju Panjang, so I wore the red chiffon dress Uncle Haron made 2 yrs back. Yesterday was more special for me as I had 'hired' Sharifah to do my make-up! It was kind of her to agree to my forever last-minute 50/50 request. She did GREAT! This year, I had fake eyelashes on. Hahaha. It went well with the colours she had on my eyes. She said they are called Smoky technique. Whatever that is, I know I was 'sssssmoking~~~'. Not only that, she lent me her self-made brooch. My beloved Ayah sent us all the way to Grand Hyatt. Met up with the others. Everyone was elegant yes. The most outstanding was Tess! I almost couldnt recognize her. Pheeewit.
  2. Today is Aza's wedding. Will be attending it later. Wish I could find that heart-shaped couple coffee cups from Starbucks, to present her. Unlikely. But will try. Should I wear what I wore yesterday, minus the make-up? What if I bump into yesterday's ppl?

Ramadhan/ Planning

  1. Ramadhan falls on 13/9. Im DONE with bayar puasa. Alhamdulillah. Will try to fast with others before I pop. I may only get the first half to fast. Its okay- belum try, belum tahu.
  2. This time round, everyone will be busy. With the ibadah of fasting going on during my confinement, I cant imagine having Mummy or MIL to cook for me. Malu seh. Recently, MIL suggested to Dear that I stay over at their place for confinement. With FIL around? Errrrr.....
  3. More work to submit before I pop. Dateline BIG TIME tomorrow. Wish me luck.


madame blossom said...

nanti show me pics of ur d&d pics closeup.. yang atas tu.. jauh sangat

Trisha said...

Well written article.