Monday, November 19, 2007

Its School Holiday!

School is OUT. Singapore will be congested with human traffic. I heard there were weddings around the island yesterday; judging from the number of invitation cards at Pergam, as well as, "complains" from nenek-neneks. Was at the wedding of Mardhiyah's cousin yesterday. The weather was a teaser. Scorching hot in the morning, then heavy downpours in the late afternoon. Seeing the ladies wearing baju kurung makes my hair stands. It was just sooo hot, how long can they tahan the heat in those songket/linen/satin baju? Blah. It's over anyway. If they have worn the baju for the subsequent time since Hari Raya, then, its time for dry-cleaning.

Last Week...

Connie, Randall and their K2 son, Clement, came by to visit us. Connie just got back from a Paris flight the night before. They got us Carter's baby rompers from L.A. I love Carter's. Noticed her left earring missing. We searched high and low, but managed to find only the backing (the screw thing), but not the earring. So geram. So anyway, Connie has left her flying career. As at today, she would be at her new working place. A sacrifice. For the sake of Clement, who is going to P1. Need to spend more time together. Randall is also flying. I guess can still get free tickets to travel. Connie promised to pass me her SIA green kebaya for school's activities, etc.Went to work to sit in for Planning 2008 meeting. No choice but to bring Durrah along. Obviously, she became the centre of attention. Liping must have been annoyed coz it was hard for them to pay attention. Hehehe.

Edleen suggested to meet up at Plaza S'pura for some shopping and dinner. Ajak Chu along. I know what they will be shopping for- scrap stuffs from Made With Love. I dont mind. Promised myself to use up all the scrap stuffs I bought earlier, and to complete my unfinished projects, before buying more. So i was good. The kids and me, we sat around for large cookies and shakes. We then had dinner at Swensens. Uncle Faizal bo. Dear was convinced that all of us can squeezed in the car. We sent Edleen and Chu home. Hard to believe there were 10 various-sizes people in the little Mazda 2. Boleh tahan.

Durrah is crying. Journalling has to wait.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Take It Easy. There Are Only Two!!

Two. The number of children living in the house now. Two. It sounds and looks crowded. I'm coming to term that I am now a mother of two children- an infant and a toddler.
*u-know-what-I-mean look*
Four can be a crowd; but the more is definitely the merrier. I can't have the best of everything(read: an infant, a toddler, a spruced up house plus a good night sleep and uninterrupted routines) all the time.
Having said that, dearest husband and the two girls are the best things for me now.

Rushda doing a puppet act with her socks she dug out from her drawer filled with perfectly folded pile of clothes.

Below: Conspiracy Whisperies...

Rushda caught: Unfastening Durrah's diapers while I was away to get something. When probed, she explained that she was trying to help.

I'm okay. I'm fine. I'm cool.