Thursday, May 25, 2006

The One with "Dont Push!"

No one likes to be pushed around. I resent pressure. Damn, i hate it. A 'pushy person' can be an embarrasment not only to themselves but to others. I was 'pushed' at work today. She's the one who holds the values of integrity, commitment, faith and what-nots; but how am I suppose to see all that when she changed rules or policies in a snap to suit her needs at any time, like changing panties? And then make me look ridiculous. Im chissed. Went out for a walk and keropok-break with my fellow heads. "I can see that you and Lady Marmalade like water and oil now ah", the 'mother' said. "Eversince she came back, I sense that she is unrest that there werent any problems when she was away", 'lempeng' said. "Like the time when she first started, ordering and asking us to submit this and that...." "Macam gila power ah" They noticed too? The thought of it makes me regurgitate the high spirit of teamwork and doing my best in becoming the "role-model". My head goes, "okay, now be selfish, defiant and dont u care about others. Be....Sofea". I dont feel like working tomorrow. Yah, Im not going to work. I am mentally drained with all the pressure loaded on me. Im sick sick sick sick with her. Im calling Lynette to tell her Im not coming... heck, does anyone care.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The One with "Pats On The Back"

Dear Blog, I've not been blogging for almost 10 days now. And these past 10 days have been filled with great discovery and sense of accomplishment. First thing first, rule of life, one must learned to be disciplined. Boy am I trying hard to do that in... reducing weight and building stamina; submitting deadlines; house chores like sweeping, mopping and folding the laundry; as well as keeping this journal updated. Yes. Its annoying for one to realise that she has been UN-disciplined. (Well, I'm one of those people, at least) Anyways, here's a list of the best things that happened to me for these past 10 days. 1. Tuesdays with Morrie OOooohhh... I should've known about the existance of this wonderful book a long time ago. It has been around for almost 10 years. I first heard about it from Nisa; thinking it is another Japanese-background story like Totto-Chan. I was wrong. Like Totto-Chan, this is one of the BEST books I have read in my 27 years 8 mths 3 days of my life. I was soooo involved. You know, as we are reaching the 10th, 12th, 13th Tuesday, I actually got cold feet. I really felt the numbness as I see Morrie decaying during Mitch' visits, doing his final 'thesis' on life. I cried and I mean, really cried when we came to the last Tuesday of Morrie and Mitch. For now, I am doing exactly Morrie's advice to Mitch: to 'detach'... from grieving of Morrie's death(You'll understand if you read the book). Cant help it. It is a true story. And Im a sucker for true-stories. I wanted to know how Morrie looked like; was he like the one I have in mind? So I went to Google and searched. I got this: I believed this is Professor Morrie and his student, Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie. This book is highly recommended for a good read. Its a treasure. A gem. While still in the hype of Morrie-isms, I shall share them in my Multiply site. Perhaps, one every Tuesdays.

2. Project Work - Aeroplanes completed. PATS on the back for me. I have succesfully facilitated a group of 15 6-years-olds to learn and understand a lot more about their chosen topic- aeroplanes. All I need to do now is to file up the documentations and display for parents. Im just pleased with how it all goes - this project. Before I procrastinate, I decided that I shall file it up and hold an exhibition and habisssss - selamat.

3. Lady Marmalade is back...

She's baaaaccckkk~~~ Took off my responsibility hat from being the Acting Principal. Will miss SK's "Selamat Pagi/Petang Guru Besar" and I'll blush and brush off with "No lah. Please dont call me that. I'm Guru Body Besar", and we will laugh. From India, she got me a blue pants with little round mirrors on it, a purse-sized mirror and we all tasted the huge bar of cashew nut chocolate. Yummmm....

A part of me felt that I have failed... in carrying out my role. Yet a part of me felt that "yes, I'm good. Im okay", I did it - managed the school with all due sincerity and honesty and dignity and pride. One more time, a PAT on the back for me.

That one month was a valuable experience for me... I have taken myself a level up and am more prepared for the next round of test.


3. Mother's Day

14th May 2006. My second Mother's Day. Rushda is still young to express her appreciations, but I guess I've faired pretty well. Yup, I'm a good mother doing all the things good mothers do....

But not to tug tad too hard on the girl's arm, that it caused her elbow to missed the alignment!!!!! Me? A good mother? A Debik on the back!

For the record, that was the SECOND time Rushda dislocated her left elbow within a year. Im ashamed to admit that I was the cause, when trying to protect her from an army of red-ants though. We were at the beach, celebrating Nadhrah's birthday. Of all the times and places, it happened there. Lucky thing Dear was around. We drove from East Coast all the way to KK, to fix it. Cant bear to see the pain in Rushda's eyes. It was over within 2 hours! Phewww~~~

Dear consoled me saying that its nobody's fault. You should see for yourself if he really meant it. Yooohooo... you weren't smiling, Dear!

*Okay here comes the part where I'm changing the fonts BIGGER*

4. Haircut

I had a haircut yesterday. Refreshing new look.

Oh goodness, Im falling asleep in front of my screen, I cant believe it. Will tell you more tomorrow yah. Im off to bed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time:: Health:: Money .....

Felisa said "one should have the time, health and money. Betul tak?..." With time, but no money and health = Most probably I'll just do lots and lots of solats and zikirs; With money, but no time and health = I think I'll still be a little bit happy. That cliche "money can't buy you happiness".. that's bull lah. More or less, it does. Most probably, with money but no health, then I'll be spending on treatments and medications; With health, but no money and time= What da heck would I be doing then? Oh! Maybe a housewife. Yes. Thats the stereo-typed ones lah, assuming "no money" is defined as not hard-earned money lah. Just nafkah from husband. There is some truth to what Felisa said. But its more to that..... hmmmm... Almost 2pm, meeting time.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Last Weekend...

Yearp, following the latest post, I realised that it WAS the shortest short trip we ever had to KL. We were in and out of Singapore within 48 hours. What were we thinking then? We just wanna go for a long drive and enjoy family quality time. We loved every single bits of it. No regrets. Will be doing it again soon, that spur-of-a-moment thing. And to think that Dear was working night that Sunday... Penat???? Dear gets to catch his nap; while I get ready for my scrapbooking class at Made With Love. While doing that, I was zoinking out, but kept myself awake by talking and joking around with the others. I am usually the one who starts a topic. This time, I started: breastfeeding, image-editting, what-to-do-in-KL and Sesame Street. Geeez, I'm friendly. :) I completed an A-Z Baby Album for Rushda... still needs a little more of touch up. Next, Ayah's Vito' right-rear tyre punctured infront of Park Mall. Waited till 8.30, then we head home. Once again, Ayah stopped me from going home. But managed to 'sneak out' with Rushda when he fell asleep. Imagine... Drrrraaaamaaa betul. I took a cab at the junction of Jalan Pelatok and the main road. Came out with 2 good excuses. Im ashamed of myself for resorting to lying - pakat with mummy one time, lying to her once more. Raudha~~~~~~~ Raudha~~~~~~~~~ Today is Labour Day. Got myself a new handphone- NOKIA 6280. Long-winded and made-complicated purchase. Then, me and Rushda headed to Plaza Singapure, once again to Made With Love. I was travelling from Tampines to Dhoby Ghaut in a public transport with Rushda, with no pram and no father. Its a good thing that I met up with Cousin Mel and Mak Lang. Spared me from public embarrasment. Mothers would know what I'm talking about. It was a loooooong day. I missed Dear by seconds. Here I am again, with Rushda to keep me company tonight. Hope to be mentally and physically prepared to get back to work tomorrow!!! HAH!!! Its past 10 o'clock.... *zzzzzzzZZZzzzzz*