Thursday, May 25, 2006

The One with "Dont Push!"

No one likes to be pushed around. I resent pressure. Damn, i hate it. A 'pushy person' can be an embarrasment not only to themselves but to others. I was 'pushed' at work today. She's the one who holds the values of integrity, commitment, faith and what-nots; but how am I suppose to see all that when she changed rules or policies in a snap to suit her needs at any time, like changing panties? And then make me look ridiculous. Im chissed. Went out for a walk and keropok-break with my fellow heads. "I can see that you and Lady Marmalade like water and oil now ah", the 'mother' said. "Eversince she came back, I sense that she is unrest that there werent any problems when she was away", 'lempeng' said. "Like the time when she first started, ordering and asking us to submit this and that...." "Macam gila power ah" They noticed too? The thought of it makes me regurgitate the high spirit of teamwork and doing my best in becoming the "role-model". My head goes, "okay, now be selfish, defiant and dont u care about others. Be....Sofea". I dont feel like working tomorrow. Yah, Im not going to work. I am mentally drained with all the pressure loaded on me. Im sick sick sick sick with her. Im calling Lynette to tell her Im not coming... heck, does anyone care.

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