Monday, May 01, 2006

Last Weekend...

Yearp, following the latest post, I realised that it WAS the shortest short trip we ever had to KL. We were in and out of Singapore within 48 hours. What were we thinking then? We just wanna go for a long drive and enjoy family quality time. We loved every single bits of it. No regrets. Will be doing it again soon, that spur-of-a-moment thing. And to think that Dear was working night that Sunday... Penat???? Dear gets to catch his nap; while I get ready for my scrapbooking class at Made With Love. While doing that, I was zoinking out, but kept myself awake by talking and joking around with the others. I am usually the one who starts a topic. This time, I started: breastfeeding, image-editting, what-to-do-in-KL and Sesame Street. Geeez, I'm friendly. :) I completed an A-Z Baby Album for Rushda... still needs a little more of touch up. Next, Ayah's Vito' right-rear tyre punctured infront of Park Mall. Waited till 8.30, then we head home. Once again, Ayah stopped me from going home. But managed to 'sneak out' with Rushda when he fell asleep. Imagine... Drrrraaaamaaa betul. I took a cab at the junction of Jalan Pelatok and the main road. Came out with 2 good excuses. Im ashamed of myself for resorting to lying - pakat with mummy one time, lying to her once more. Raudha~~~~~~~ Raudha~~~~~~~~~ Today is Labour Day. Got myself a new handphone- NOKIA 6280. Long-winded and made-complicated purchase. Then, me and Rushda headed to Plaza Singapure, once again to Made With Love. I was travelling from Tampines to Dhoby Ghaut in a public transport with Rushda, with no pram and no father. Its a good thing that I met up with Cousin Mel and Mak Lang. Spared me from public embarrasment. Mothers would know what I'm talking about. It was a loooooong day. I missed Dear by seconds. Here I am again, with Rushda to keep me company tonight. Hope to be mentally and physically prepared to get back to work tomorrow!!! HAH!!! Its past 10 o'clock.... *zzzzzzzZZZzzzzz*

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