Saturday, April 29, 2006

The One With KL Quickie

Yup, we are in KL. It's Saturday, 29th April 2006. We left yesterday evening by Tuas Checkpoint. We stopped at Seremban petrol kiosk for a break, then proceed to KL. We settled our stuffs and in bed by 2.45am. Our choice of hotel this time is Prince Hotel. $RM 315 per night with breakfast. Indulge~~~~~~~~ Did the most basic things - shopping and makan. What else? Isetan was having their end-of-the-month sale. I couldnt resist myself with all that pretty clothes for Rushda. On a spree, with no guilt. I spent about $SG250 on her clothes alone. In the end, no single blouse for me. I just couldnt find anything to my liking. None, From KLCC to Masjid India. Took lots of pics, sending them over to Dadha's Multiply. We are now surfing broadband in our room -1511. :) Just checked my bank account. Got my pay AND my bonus AND my progress package. Thank you LV, very generous of you.


Moonwalker Rave Disco Boogie Rave Girl Macarena


blossom said...

Went to ur multiply site and saw the pics on your trip to KL on his bike?! Bila masa tu??? Tak bilang pun? sounds fun!

DzulRena said...

hey... i cant see the pics. yg ader only the one that your went i think it was in march?... **puzzled face**