Friday, April 28, 2006

The One With New Wardrobe

Im on leave today. Wardrobe has just been fixed in Rushda's room. Cost me $SG 820.00. Expensive?? I like the quality and the simplicity of the wardrobe, which was designed by Abang Shahrin- THE Interior Designer of our home in Pa...Ris. Now that I have the wardrobe, it will be good to compliment the room with shelves, like the ones from IKEA. I cant wait for the new to open for business at their new site right here in Pa..Ris; well, across TPE flyover, so that's make the site at Tampines. Hmmm.. thinking of consulting either Uncle Haron or Abang Ijal for ideas. They are blessed by Allah with the sense of creativity. I thank Him that I have some people of that sort in my family.... Free of charge. Hahahhaa. Haaaiii.. if only Dear can write in to Debbie Travis and her make-over gang to come over and surprise me, I'll feel... SuPeRCALIFRagiLLisTiCeXPIALLIDOCIOUS! That's reel-life. In real-life, I love watching Debbie Travis shows. I've never failed to cry along with the surprised owners of the homes which they remake. *

* Eh! Come to think of it, its been quite awhile that I see her on air. Where's the show? Bring back my Debbie Travis, Channel 5!
So here is a pic of the new wardrobe in Rushda's room...

I present this wardrobe to Rushda and her wonderful Daddy, with the message:

"Hope you two will find this cubby a sharing shrine of all the nice clothes you have. I used to share my wardrobe with Ayah, and Mummy has one all to herself. Let's keep the tradition alive...Love you both ~ Ummie/Darl "

I have just finished tranferring Dear's and Rushda's clothing into the new wardrobe. I have also cleaned the room from the dust. Dear suggested we go for a short trip to KL. Im checking out the hotels online. He's not back from his Jumaat prayers. Will know then if the quickie idea is on or off.

Updates later...

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