Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Supernatural and Me- last episode

Today is already May 2nd- exactly a month after my last post.

My intention wasn't to share-n-scare really! But I had concern calls even from long-lost pals; and I met a friend, Mariati, who told me about her dream. More TATUT then what I encountered...

Mariati, I just have to record that here too.

We met last Saturday, the first thing she greeted me with was, "I had a dream about you and your daughter. Seram seh"...

"In your kitchen ada baby, tapi baby ni is a hantu. She can't leave your kitchen as you have these grills at the window (probably Mummy Hantu is waiting outside the grill). You call the baby BONYOT. She will crawl and hang around in your kitchen... We were scared to enter the kitchen. Rushda took one pacifier and showed it to you, and you just threw it to the baby hantu in the kitchen. It is invisible. Kalau langgar, we will feel pain- semut2".

More scary than experiencing the actual thing. I actually imagined the baby has the "Ju-On" look, not Casper.

Thanks Mary for sharing. On that note, I sincerely would like to thank those who have left comments (nasihat, tips, concerns, etc)on my posting. I take note of the amalans recommended by you. Nowadays, ayatul-kursi is read whenever I can. Since the langgar incident, I sent Rushda away for 4 nights. While Dear worked night shift, I decided to play Yaya-Papaya, and Alhamdulillah, peaceful nights.

At least go kitchen,kaki tak semut2. Terpijak an army of semut2 lagi ada.

My next post would be about our drive up to Langkawi, Phuket and then Hatyai. It was our Holiday Of The Year!