Sunday, December 31, 2006

The One with Mummy

Whoa... once again, lagging. Nevertheless, I'm BaaaaaaCK! Wish to bid goodbye to 2006. The reason I have been away from Blogspot... Dearest Mummy.... long story. I dont know where to start... Here are the events in chronological order: 8 Nov 06 - Diagnosed mild stroke. Sent to hospital by Ayah. Symptoms: slur speech, and slow response. 14 Nov- Discharge from CGH. 22 Nov- Rushed to CGH. Breathing difficulty. Admitted to ICU. Diagnosed Pneumonia. 28 Nov- Discharged from CGH. 1 Dec - Rushed to CGH again. Breathing difficulty again. Admitted to ICU. Diagnosed Mild Heart Attack. 9 Dec - Referred to SGH Renal Ward. 12 Dec - Discharged. 18 Dec - Rushed to SGH. Breathing difficulty. Diagnosed: Kidney failure. Heamodialysis required. 23 Dec - Discharged. Recovering and getting well each day... Ooops, the tears are coming... will write again later...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thank you Allah for...

... bringing hubbiest Dear back home safely. Hope the Hot Milo I made helped to keep you warm after the long cold journey. What a blissful morning, despite the back-pain I'm having now. At current, I have 6 koyoks on my back. I'm surprised, not so ooomph this time. This pain is prompting me to visit any OSIM outlets to try out their gedabak massage chair... I thank Allah for having such wonderful superb parents. Ayah just dropped by, sending breakfast and today's Straits Times. He must be running late, otherwise he would water the plants too. Oh, just now he went to check the mailbox... I wanna sleep in awhile more. Work starts at 10 today. what to wear? What to wear? ~~~~

Friday, November 17, 2006

The One with November Rain

Once again, I have to ask this: How many people out there are consistent and disciplined? You there, are you consistent and disciplined? In which area do you score the most? Aren't you ashamed about not being consistent? Well, I do! What made me thought about it was the fact that - I didnt blog for about a whole of a month now. Not that it is COMPULSORY. Not that i'm answerable to a higher authority, STILL, its a matter of consistency and disciplined. You will then be respected. Geeez, I just felt guilty. ----------------------------------------------------- The usual me, at this point, I will just update what I am experiencing or just experienced. 1. The DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT

Last night's dream was really UNEXPECTED. I dreamt that Salman Khan and Sunjay Dutt were my working colleagues!?!?!?!?! Yes, MY working colleagues. There, in the dream, I was sitting on a low coffee table with the others, having our curriculum meeting, when suddenly both Salman and Sunjay came and sat next to me (with their meeting files!) They were shirt-less!! Thank heaven they were wearing pants. In the dream, I was shocked. I asked, "What are you doing here?" (feeling nervous) Salman answered, " Kenapa Raudha? Kita sama-sama kerja Learning Vision kan?" WHHHHHAAATTTTTTTT?????!!!!!! What nonsense... The dream continued, one of them, Salman I think, keep on resting his cheek on mine. I recalled having to move my head away, and I looked pissed. One of my real LV colleague appeared in the dream and said, "Let them be lah. Please stay focus in this meeting. And I heard Sunjay asking this, "Which class am I taking next year?" ... I must have been realllllly tired, that work anxiety is affecting me that I have nightmare, but why Sanjay and Salman? Beats me. 2. DEAR's MISSION THAILAND: Ride to Phuket 15th November 06 Dearest hubby is away on a mission in Thailand. He's been away since last Wednesday evening. From the joy of being left alone with Rushda, it has turned to the sorrow of missing him. Yet to shed a tear, but cried a bucket when I prayed to Him for Dear's safety. Feeling lah. Miss him so much, that I have forgiven his wrongdoings, that I planned to surprise him with a spick-n-span home, that I tell myself to treasure him and love him more. Its true what they said- "absence made the heart grows fonder".

I found one of our best couple pic. The night before Rushda was born. Makes me wanna try for No.2!

3. The graduation concert was GRAND! - 12th November 06

Finally, after all the hard work we have put in, it pays off. My students did well in their stage play of The Swordfish Story aka S'pura Dilanggar Todak. With all the last-minute cluster rehearsals, full-dress rehearsals, centre rehearsals, I have one word to say: HALAL!

The cast of S'pura Dilanggar Todak... Thats Khairina and her "pink" Sultan's dayangs, and that is Mariati and her "yellow" laundrettes. Funny that, after everything is over, I miss the hard times we had together. Another highlight of the day was...

Meeting Aries and Tini - fellow bloggers and survivors of LV.

4. Mummy Mild Stroke 8th November 06/ Ayah & his brand-new Edix

Mummy had mild stroke again, this time more severe, nevertheless, she is optimistic and fight to get back on her two feet and to go back to her kitchen to see the senduk and periuk.

I have been telling myself to be strong and brace what lies ahead. The doc has updated us about Mummy's condition, and this time round, I wished to foot the medical bill, and I did just that. Alhamdulillah, my Medisave helps.

At the same time, ayah just got us a brand-new pearl-white Honda Edix. 6-seaters. I drove... Best. While Dear's Haya plate is AF 242, Ayah's car is SGN 545. Cool numbers! Cannot tikam one. Short of a digit.

5. Reunion with ol' schoolmates

Suryati, Rosdiana, Leila and me.

1. Yati just had her second boy. 2. Diana is expecting (7wks). 3. Leila just came back from Manchester.

Candid-moment, all three of them owns an Olympus camera, but NONE knows how to find/use the timer function on their camera. Pekak badak lah. Lucky thing I'm a natural fast-learner (ahem ahem), I assisted them while they just sit pretty.

Okay, time to solat maghrib. This, we must be consistent!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

1 Syawal 1427H - Hari Raya Aidilfitri...

Berlalu lah sudah Ramadhan Sebulan berpuasa Tiba Syawal kita raya kan Dengan rasa gembira

Selamat Hari Raya to all, maaf zahir dan batin. Here are some quick facts and snapshots of first day. 1) Rushda refused to put on the gorgeous pink shantung baju kurung specially designed by Uncle Haron. "Less is more. Diaper and bib is good enuff for me." No one can convince Rushda to wear anything.

2) Abang Ridzwan & family (10.23am) , were the first to arrive. Close at second place, was us (10.25am) , and last in the family to come were the Sengkangs. I mean, The Toeys (11.30am!)

3) This year, new addition to the family, joined us for Hari Raya - Siti Safura Ridzwan.

4) Dearest Sister-In-Law, Erni aka Blossom, and myself got ourself a two-piece suit designed and tailored exclusively from Haron.

5) This is the BEST family photo I took... Sigh, gotta try harder today. Rushda? Thats her, sleeping on mum's bed.

Sooooooo Tired... Gotta go for more visitings today.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bring it On, Baby!

"I think it boils down to time management, u bring home a lot of your sch work. Then u are pressurised to complete n @ same time, do housework. U have to sacrifice something"
That was an SMS advice I got about two weeks ago. If it was verbal plus real-time, I would have reacted negatively. If I could remember clearly, I did reply defensively. I wasn't too keen to pursue a discussion with my fingers manouvering with madness on the keypads, and with my students around asking me questions. Very annoying and concentration denied.
Two weeks gone, and today, after giving it lots and lots of thoughts, I can't deny but agree that the statement is true and it needed an action plan immediately.
"If only u can separate sch work n try not to bring it home, i'm sure u hv time to rest @ home."
If only... I rattled on saying that I need more moral support and i was tired and was listing down the things I have to do during my, konon, "rest time" - taking care of husband's and child's needs; complete chores like (do I have to mention???) Cinderella do.
At least, SHE concentrates just on chores. Me? I was juggling, man. Like The Great Jojo the Juggler from one of the children's storybooks I've read.
I was at my lowest point then. At work, I wasnt spared either. Lady Marmalade has been giving me a hard time. With prodigies who happens to be "efficient" and "consistent", she highlighted those, time and again during staff meetings. At and around the same time in-between meetings, tasks are given to me continuously as I am the "senior" person at work.
Emotionally, I had to deal with:
1. The SMS comments, which to me was like a slap on the face. A wake-up call from someone who usually reserves such comments.
2. Lady Marmalade's strategy- "Pukul anak, sindir menantu" kind.
She praises the new girl till cloud 9. She praises the other one for consistency, etc. Last Thursday's meeting, she announced: "There are 5 recipients for the top 20% performers in our centre, but one is awarded the STAR award, and she is......... ain't me. Never mind that, I was the STAR teacher in 2004. On that meeting, everyone gets a $50 QIM for best lesson plan; best classroom environment; most consistent; best innovation - class website; etc etc; except for, myself and two new girls.
I know about Best Lesson Plan and Best Classroom Env awards, but Most Consistent? Most Effective? Best Innovation? I know nuts.
To rub it in further, she Cc-ed to ME - a copy of her email to our Ops Mgr about the new girl's peformance, and whats her % in salary adjustment after 6-mths working.
What was THAT all about??? I have yet to acknowledge her email. I mean, what... "Noted with thanks"????
I know why she started this personal attack(s) on me. Yes I do.
It must be the PRIVATE confrontation I had with her, for embarrassing me with her remarks in front of a parent. She just slurred out answers, just to please the parent, WITHOUT doing some thinking.
For that one, she was even trying to come out with non-sense rebutts, trying to prove herself as NOT GUILTY. Alhamdulillah , I was strong emotionally, my memory was intact, and I continued to correct her as she tried to escape moving backwards on her butts and hands.
Eventually, the truth prevails - she went against her policy of "Walk with me. Stand up for your friends". She apologized - "Ma'af" she said.
Honestly, I felt good that she finally admit. Its not easy to get Lady Marmalade to APOLOGIZE.
I want to thank my husband for those slap-on-the-face SMSes.
Dear, I thought it was over between us - the give & take part.
After thinking and thinking and crying and thinking and crying....
your words were the cure!! It wasnt easy to switch off from work when I'm home, waiting for you to ask me "Whats wrong?" so that I can cry and tell you my problem.
Then, the plot had a twist. I thought that was your dialogue, rupanya editted. U made my character a helpless damsel. Hrrrffff....
I apologized for being such an ass-wife. I should learn from your forgive-and-forget attitude.
With all the pies on my face earlier this Ramadhan, I have learnt to wipe it off gracefully and take it with a pinch of humour. Thanks. You are so right - Men, they have to be told what to do.
As for Lady Marmalade, I say she was being bitchy. But another friend said, "no. more like anal kind". Ouch.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Night Of Power by MY uncle Kamal!!!

This is the poem I've been wanting to post since early Ramadhan. Im just so proud of my young (and single) uncle K., producing such beautiful poem. May Allah grant you a wife SOON. As it is, Rushda is considered your cucu, oi!! Cepat kahwin! Read out the poem aloud... it makes a LOT of difference.
The Night of Power by Kamal Ishnin Every day and month each day of the year
Peace to you my dear brothers and sisters
Ramadan comes close let us not falter
Remembering Allah and his prophet is all that matters
For we muslims are so blessed in life and in love
How can one not be when constantly showered from above
A month full of blessings and the 'Night of power'
A night so special unlike any other
Where angels line the stairs of heaven
In praise of Allah they line in procession
A night equivalent to a thousand nights
Bestowed to man by Allah in his might
This special month, a bit different than the rest
A time to behave and be at your best
Recite more Quran and read less of others
Sing praises of Allah Lets Sing it Together
For truth and knowledge is contained in Quran
Not in one surah but in each and everyone
Let us practise restraint and kindness each day
And practise the Prophets teachings in the true Muslim way
Love and Courage stand side by side
Islam is truth with nothing to hide
Equality and peace throughout the divide
So lets welcome our prophet with hands open wide
Should the prophet come visit you one of these days
So blessed will you be to look upon his face
Should the prophet come visit you one of these days
Do give him my love and guide him my way

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nothing in my mailbox :(

We are halfway through before Eid, and no KAD RAYA in my mailbox. LAGU RAYA has been playing on the radio and still no sight of KAD RAYA from any friends. :( Post-Internet days, by now, I would have received at least 10 cards. I treasure every single one of them. The anticipation of seeing an envelope with my name written (not printed - itu phone bills, insurance, etc) is that of a 6-yrs-olds getting Roald Dahl book as a gift. The last card I received was Raya 2003. It was from a special friend. He doesnt look the sort who will post kad raya, I was shocked to receive one from him. What an honour. In the card, he uses his name, instead of omitting it with 'I'. The message was HANDWRITTEN. "xxxxx mohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya xxxxx selama ini ada terkasar bahasa......" And we are mutual friends, and met less than 5 times. Maybe he likes me. Well, it shall remain unknown. Hahahhaha... Even if its true, I was madly in love with my then-fiance who is my now-husband, WHOM have never sent me a KAD RAYA. Another friend who never failed to post me cards is my Alsagoff's mate, Faridah. Now, she is an examplary friend. Since that last day we all parted in 94, I have been receiving consistently from her, every year. Maybe hers will arrive next week. I cant wait. Yippeedee! *clutching hands together* Perhaps, I should just place my address here. Who knows, some ol' friends would just be bloghopping and came here. Dear Friends, Hi. Just to be sure you have my address :)
Raudha Robu
Blk 757, Pasir Ris St 71
Singapore 510757

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mummy~~~ I'm tired!!!

No other words can describe how lethargic I am. Ya Allah, please give me the STRENGTH of a good (if not goof) WIFE, a good MUM, a good DAUGHTER and a good TEACHER. Insya-Allah... For those who happened to dropped by this post, Amen to my prayers, please.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

*Ramadhan* Well-Wishes SMS & Email

Marhaban, Yaa Ramadhan
"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed upon those before you in order that you may attain taqwaa."Surah al-Baqarah 2:183
Okay, quick facts. 1. Dear was enthusiastic about waking up early for Sahuur. Set mine and his alarm at 4.30am. One alarm beep, and he is up. That's the spirit, Dear. Do it everyday, please. The food: Meatball kicap from Mummy; Fried Vege from Mak; and one Sunny Side Up for dear. Eat eat eat; clean clean clean....ZzzzzZZZ... wake up again for Subuh....Zzzz again. Now, Dear out to work; Rushda out to see Mummy cooking bubur at Kassim Mosque. 2. I received no less than 15 sms & email about welcoming Ramadhan. There were hadiths, poems, a joke and tips shared. All the more semangat to do the ibadah of fasting. The joke I got via sms was ok, funny... but I wonder if one should be forwarding here and there. It goes like this: "Doa Tahan Puasa- Allahumma baringsana baringsini- wa sudahlapar wamaumati- walihatjam masihlama lagi- takda caralagi- wakena baring lagi - sampai senjananti." The ending note 'just for a smile'. Hmmmm, its funny, but its making FUN of doas which are aunthentic words to reach to Allah. Allahu'a alam. Furthermore, I learned that it is discouraged to write doa Romanised as it may cause misconception in the meaning. Na'uzubillah. I'm proud of the poem The Night of Power written by my very one and only uncle, Kamal. Its in my email account at work. Will definitely share it here. 3. Last night, I decided that its time to wean Rushda of breastmilk.
I did the traditional rub-lemon-juice-on-both-breasts. I felt so wrong doing that, I continued to doa, asking for blessings and help. Now, with the stingy feel on the nips, I was waiting for Rushda to ask. I kissed her, cuddled her and explained to her that it is time to move on. I apologised to her. All that time, she gazed me in the eyes and kept nodding. As if. Next, Rushda released. She beckoned to me her mouth; 'it's sourish, Ummi'. I cried a bucket. Last night, Rushda fell asleep on her own. :( I am so sorry sayang. Ummi still loves you.

Rushda 2mths old. Took this photo to submit for World Breastfeeding Week.

4) Today is Chu's birthday. She is 40, and I got something special from Far East Flora to be delivered to her; Kak Erni sent me a song file- It's M Nasir's song titled Bahtera Raudah, presented as birthday song (konon). Thank you , sis.

5) Tonight S'pore Idol. Are you (yes you, not me) watching or going for terawih???????

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Alive and Kickin'

Hmmmmm... it has been OVER a month here. I have successfully put my priorities straight. I have been able to do the wajibs and sunnats, and leave out the makruhs, hypothetically speaking. Like updating this blog- at a point, I asked myself, whats my objective of having this blog again? Oh right, to keep in touch with friends out there. And when this blog went silent for a month, no one asked. AHAH! So blogging slides down to number 10 in this month's Top of The Chart. So like what for wajibs and sunnats? The usual things mothers i.e no maid-and-working kind of mum: prepare kid's stuffs to school; clean the house; complete datelines at work; scrub it all out, for the policy of NO DUST NO STAIN NO CLUTTER is the policy we adhere to at work nowadays; prepare teaching aids way in advance. Updating the class' website. Now this one is 'sunnat'. The parents look forward to view the latest pics of their kids in actions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so what to look forward to, now that we are into the 4th quarter of 2006? 1. My Birthday, which is tomorrow. 2. Ramadhan! 3. Salary. 4. The birthday discount treats from Aussino, Times, etc (all that I have signed up for membership!) 5. Sabrina and Sharifah's babies. 6. My LP evaluations done *yawnnnn* 7. The opening of IKEA, which is so ooooo ohhh soooo near to me. 8. Dear's 3-Nation Ride trip. He promised to fund my scrapbooking classes. 9. Some reunions with old colleagues/schoolmates. 10. Hear more words from Rushda. She can now say: Bubbles; May (her teacher's name); Nenek and tetek *slap head*

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sleepy Sunday & I Love A.Y.A.H.

Its 1.05pm.... I have yet to take my bath, brush my teeth, cook or do my work stuffs. Instead, I chose to check my mails and blog. Dear is at work. Rushda is at JP (Jalan Pergam); kidnapped by Ayah early in the morning. Today started off with Rushda, waking up at 5am, wanting her diapers to be changed. Next, she was actively looking at the colours chart and pointing to the pictures, wanting me to say out the names. I was sssooooo semi-conscious. I suggested something better, "Rushda, wanna watch Barney?" She headed straight to the living room, and take her position. I have no energy to breastfeed, so I made her formula mix. I got Barney to babysit, while I sleep next to her. I felt like it was just a minute, when she woke me up, beckoning to me the show is over. So FAST?!?!?!? I cajoled her to bed and feed her. Next, Dear kissed us goodbye. I told him I was sorry I couldnt get up. I was just toooo tired. Next, I heard the door alarm (beeped when open and closed). I couldnt open my eyes, but I know it has to be Ayah. True enough. He came to the room , at the same time, Rushda was waking up. Ayah bought her yet another sunglass. Okay, so here's what I really wanna blog about: My dad, my AYAH. I heard the usual clanking noises from the kitchen. Ok, maybe that's a signal for me to get up. He actually, bought us breakfast- soto and mee soto, and he took the trouble to empty the tapau food into the bowls. Then, he threw the garbage out, and then took wet-tissues and cleaned the cobwebs and dust on the doors and windows. Not only that, he ALSO watered the plants. He sat down to read the papers for about 10 minutes, then he brought Rushda to the loo and showered her. Ayah cued: "Rushda follow Tok, ok. We go jalan-jalan ok?" Rushda just nod her head. That noddy girl. So, off Rushda went with Tok. He told me, "you can do your work or take your nap. Later I'll send her back here". I'm such a lucky daughter to have a dad like him. Rushda is such a lucky girl who has a granddad who loves her every bits. Thank you Ayah, for always being there for me. Thank you Ayah, for your love, your understanding, your time. THANNNNK YOU!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday With Raudha

Alhamdulillah... Daaah Thursday. I can smell the fresh air of weekend. As if. Actually, its more of FireSan scent (!!!) coz Dear just gave me a good back massage with that magic ointment! I dont know what has got into me - I break fast at the newly-renovated Banquet of Parkway Parade today. We chope the table which was directly under the full-blast aircon. With a totally blocked nose, I slurped the Mee Pok Fishball Noodle without really savouring the taste. Its just the hot chilli padi with soy sauce occasionally. The chillis caught me, and so I was panting. So I guess, while I was holding on to the fiery padis, I may have gulped down the cool air thats coming down from the aircon , way too much. On the way back, I broke into cold sweat. You know, the 'anytime' one. "Dear, I need to go to the toilet urgently!" I said while the car has just reached level 2 before reaching the exit gantry. "Huh? You nak pergi toilet sini?!?!" and he continued to drive... And Rushda wants breastmilk. Alamak! It was so uncomfortable. I was sweating and praying. She was cooperative, she fell asleep very quickly and I laid her down on the seat. Once we reached home, I didnt even wait for Dear to stop the car infront of the house. At the junction of Senior Citizen Corner, I asked to alight. Did I make it on time???? Yessssss.... :) Still, Im having stomachache and blocked nose right now.
Nevertheless, I'm happy that Dear came to fetch me at work; we fetched Rushda; and Dear also accomodate to my request that we go visit my favourite boutique at Joo Chiat , just to buy a blouse and scarf to wear for tonight's iftar/dinner outing. The Anglia blouse and scarf bill was $88.00. Errrr, is this what they meant by impulsive?????? ===================================
Rejab is here. I took the opportunity to practise the sunnahs of fasting in Rejab. Besides that, most importantly, we women clear our hutangs and I also recommend that we start practising our fasting now, say, twice a week - Monday and Thursday, to prepare ourselves for Ramadhan (which is just two months away) just so, our body and mind will be more ready for the challenges then. Betul tak betul?


I remembered back in March, I wrote an entry about setting a trend in birthday celebrations for my K2 class this year. Well, I am so damn right. I said that Ashley has set a trend - I am sure to see more mcDonald's birthday meals in school. To date, we have gone through FOUR Mc'Donald's catered birthday parties. One more coming up on Aug 14th. The peak was last week, 24th was Megan's, and the very next day was Darryl's. Miss Raudha gets a meal too. On Friday, being Ivy's last day of work, Lady Marmalade got me to buy 20 McDonald's milkshakes for the staff. I politely count myself out. Uh uh, no thanks.

Can you imagine how I feel at the sight of McDonald's????

Hello New York Pizza! (Halal ah)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tag Time!

Daaah Saturday. Alhamdulillah. The week has been a blissful one. As usual, list of things to be done remains just, a list. I've been tagged for the first time by a fellow LV blogger-buddy, Aries. Been reading others, and it has been, 'excited' or 'fun' to be tagged. Well lets see if I enjoy filling up the fields. Here it goes... Favourite Colour : Hard to single out a colour. It has been black; shades of blue and purple. Favourite Food : Depending on cravings. But it has consistently been Kacang Phool! Favourite Song : If I can pick 2 songs, they are: Bad Day by Daniel Powter (that closing song for American Idol) and one Alleycat song that goes, "Jika kau bercinta lagi..." Favourite Sport : Outdoor sports. Favourite Day of the Week : Saturday. I love saturdays! Even my working ones. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour : Swensen's Banana Crumble (served sizzling hot) Favourite Car Model : Vitara (sporty, playful, youthful - I love jeeps or their lookalikes). Favourite Subject in School :English Favourite Snacks : Anything with cheese; fruits. 9 Current.. Current Mood : amused, by my own antics. Was on the bike with Dear. Started to rain heavily, and was trying to protect by all means and ways my books and documents from getting wet. Current Taste : Simple yet chic Current Clothes : Thyme's black maternity top; 2-tones corduroy. Current Desktop : Window XP theme... Current Toenail Colour : no colours. Current Time : 2.33pm Current Surroundings : Living room, laptop, dark. Current Annoyance(s) : The fats on my upper arms and the post-natal excess too. Current Thoughts : My friend Aries; Tampines Mall and Dear doing laundry. 8 First(s).. First Best Friend : Ilyana from PPIS kindergarten. We have to part as her family moved to Brunei. Heard she was flying with SQ. First Crush :Michael Jackson.... (dont laugh). First Movie : Gremlins First Piercing : Primary 3. First Lie : When I was little, I told my friends I have a twin. First Music : Michael Jackson's Thriller album. First Car : First car I drove since I passed my Class 3 in 1997 was..... Mitsubishi SpaceWagon. First Real Date Venue : NYDC, Suntec City. 7 Last(s) Last Drink : Plain water. Last Car Ride : Yesterday. Went Parkway Parade with Dear and daughter. Last Movie : Tuesdays with Morrie @ NLB. I;m the only one who cried. Last Phone Call : to Dear - "Wanna fetch me?". Last Song Played : Hi-5 song. Last Food Ate : Tim Sum's dimsums. Last Thing I do before I go to sleep : recite doas and surahs; breastfeed Rushda; read - currently Loving Without Spoiling by Nancy Samalin. If there's a dispute between me and Dear, I'll read 5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman. These two books are by the bed at all time.

6 Have You Ever(s) Have you ever dated one of your best friends : no.

Have you ever broken the law : maybe.

Have you ever been arrested : no.

Have you ever skinned dipped : In hotel privacy? yes.

Have you ever been on TV : Several times, but never get to see myself.

Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know : maybe. 5 Things You Are Wearing.

Hairband; my top; my pants; and 2 undergarments. 4 Things You've Done Today

Clean my classroom; Reorganize learning corners; Finish work on time; AND quality time with my ayah.

3 Things You Can Hear Right Now

Rain with thunder; Dear clearing his throat *sexy*; and Rockstart Supernova on Ch 18. 2 Things You Can't Live Without

Advices; Manuals.

1 Thing You Do When You Are Bored - READ. Eh.. really???? After going through the answers, I know myself better. Anyone can do this. But the list can be lenghty eh....

Monday, June 26, 2006

the One with American & Asian GHOSTS

Today in class... Megan: Miss Raudha, my brother made me VERY VERY upset yesterday. Me: Oh Whats the matter? Megan: He called me a ghost. Ashley to Megan: Ghost is white. You are not white. Megan: I know. Alyssa interrupted: NOoooo!!! Ghost is green. Ash: But I thought ghosts are white? Alyssa: No, thats from America. (This caught my full attention. Then she continued...) Chinese ghosts are green. Ashley: Is it? Really> Alyssa with her eyes wide, looking at Ash confidently: Yesssss. The white ones are from America. The one from China are green ghosts. Me to Alyssa: If white ghosts are American, and the ones from China are green, what about Singaporean ghost? Alyssa answered seriously. confidently, without a second thought..... ................. ................ ................ "Any colour".

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's on my TV nowadays...

I have a TV at home. In fact, two. The main one is placed in the most prominent place of the house- the living room. There's a mini version of the same brand- Ichiban, in my parent's room. But because Mummy is an ardent viewer of TV3, we were warned not to channel-surf as it may cause us to lose the channel's frequency. Yes, for TV3, we are at the mercy of wind-directions. That is because, to watch TV3, the service of an aerial is needed. So whenever Mummy comes to visit, I wouldn't want to be the one standing with the aerial next to the window where the neighbours can see me, trying to find the 'G-spot'. Once found, she warned us, "don't touch my TV3". So that is just like having ONE tv, right? ... I also have a good husband and an 18-months old adorable toddler. Whenever the TV is switched on, depending on the main viewer of the house, like it or not, you either see:


You know, its a good thing that I don't mind at all. Yes, seriously, I don't mind the football, and I don't mind watching the same Hi-5 series over and over AND over again. Don't I have a favourite programme? Not really.

[But I do love watching Oprah, Discovery Travel & Living and lately, Malcolm In The Middle (Star World)].

In fact, I'm as thrilled that World Cup is here. I'm not like other women who complained that the World Cup is causing their man to- not spend quality time, be ignorant, turning down dates, and blah blah. Be thankful that it happens only for a month, not to mention, once every four years. I do noticed that some matches start at 9pm. Baaagus. I get to be IN the house, do my things while Dear watch the match and minding Rushda at the same time. Hey, that's multi-tasking! For now, he is not complaining.

Hi-5 is in our living room before the starting of any match or when it's sleeping time in Germany or when THE MAN is sleeping or out for work. Then Rushda will be glued, and once again, I get to do my things. Either that, or I will join her in the dancing and singing.

At this point, although I am alone, with Dear at work, and Rushda with Andak, I should treat myself to the TV, right? No. I rather.... sleep. Tomorrow is a long day at Sentosa for LV staff training.

Auf Wiedersehen. Ich Liebe Dich.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Alsagoff Reunion - Class of '94.

I was ecstatic to receive this sms from Faridah Johari: "A'kum teman2. I miss u all so much.I'm thinkin of having a reunion get-2-gether dlm waktu terdekat ni, maybe july. Whats ur opinion/suggestions?" 08:05. After 'discovering' Sarena and Salinnah in Multiply, and after knowing that most of us are mothers... we should! I've been the long-lost one. But I remember my school-mates dearly. How can I not? Most of us grew up together from P1. One of them is my cousin, Habibah. In fact, Habibah and me started off from PPIS kindergarten. Never been apart since then. Oddly, we never were best of friends. But close though. She is the brainy one. Faridah was the Math Queen. The 78s were: Myself, Habibah, Rosdiana, Faridah, Noreny, Nurussiyam, Mahfudzah, Mazraah The slightly older ones were: Siti Khadijah, Dewi Rahayu, Siti Lailah, Sarena, Salinnah, Nurulhuda. I know there were two more. *30minutes have passed, and Im still thinking* Okay, hope they will agree to it. Need to catch up with the married ones, and the swinging singles.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The One with Shark and Maggots and Hadi

I had the WEIRDEST dream last Wednesday night. I dont have any recollection of recent dreams. I dream about it, but it will poof off once Im awake and I will forget all about it. But not this time, I was awaken by it, and told Dear about it right away, at 3 am in the morning. Okay, here how it goes: This dream involves Hadi (Dear's nephew), me and a baby of a Great White Shark. Me: Hadi, pernah tengok shark? H: Pernah (nodding his head). Me: Hadi pernah makan shark? H: Makan?!?! (big eyes) Me: Nak try? H: Nak! (excited) Next scene, we were at a kitchen/restaurant; looked like a japanese sushi outlet. Me: Hadi tengok eh. Suddenly, there was a baby shark slammed on the table, fierce snout facing us. Terkejut. We were seated like customers waiting for our sushi and teppanyaki. The shark was placed on a table slightly higher than us. Then, with one great chop, the shark was sliced like a loaf of bread. Its head fell off the table and dropped on Hadi's foot. Next scene, I saw the sole of Hadi's foot red with blisters and like bubbles bursting.... and holey cheese, there were something alive moving inside! Me: Hadi, kenapa dengan kaki Hadi? H: Oh oh....mmmmm....maggots. (While examining his own foot). LO AND BEHOLD.... maggots popped outs. Hundreds of it. Then, two more familar faces came to the picture. Kak Erni (Hadi's mum): I think we need to bring him to the hospital. By now, Abang Uda (Hadi's dad) was also examining and looked verrry very crossed. Me: Sorry eh. I nak ajak Hadi makan shark, tak sangka dia jadi gini. Abang Uda: YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW? He is ALLERGIC TO SHARK! End of dream. And by the end of this post, I am laughing uncontrollably. Didnt had a chance to share it with Kak Erni. Oh well, she will know when she reads this post. Hope they have a smooth journey to Port Dickson. :)

<---- That's Hadi.

Monday, June 12, 2006

06.06.06 1. Mummy & Ayah's Anniversary. Its their 36th. 2. Tok (Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haron) passed away on this day back in 1986. I was 8 years old. The first time I was present to witness a funeral. Though playful and oblivious of the event, I remembered those who attended said: "Alhamdulillah eh, jenazah meninggal malam 7 lekor..." and "kalau tak silap, semalam malam lailatul-qadar lah"... sounds good enough for me. My Tok is protected and in 'good hands'. 07.06.06 I left work at 7.30pm. A kid was not picked up, due to miscommunication between Ah Kong and Ah Ma. That poor chilld. And the grandparents...must have been blaming each other. 08.06.06 To Pasir Ris Library, then to Swensen's for Apple Crumble. Dear joined me. Couple moment. 09.06.06 Went to the hospital to visit Nek Chu, who is in 4th stage of colon cancer. We were told that the cancer has spread to her liver. Another story of 'it-happened-so-fast'. Will be visiting her again. 10.06.06 Work then house chores then attend Sofie's birthday party then home, then no channel 27. Dear is a terror on the road. Isshh. 11.06.06 Rushda down with fever. At home, nursing her. Everything else has to wait. 12.06.06 6.00pm - Go home lah. Rest.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The One with "Dont Push!"

No one likes to be pushed around. I resent pressure. Damn, i hate it. A 'pushy person' can be an embarrasment not only to themselves but to others. I was 'pushed' at work today. She's the one who holds the values of integrity, commitment, faith and what-nots; but how am I suppose to see all that when she changed rules or policies in a snap to suit her needs at any time, like changing panties? And then make me look ridiculous. Im chissed. Went out for a walk and keropok-break with my fellow heads. "I can see that you and Lady Marmalade like water and oil now ah", the 'mother' said. "Eversince she came back, I sense that she is unrest that there werent any problems when she was away", 'lempeng' said. "Like the time when she first started, ordering and asking us to submit this and that...." "Macam gila power ah" They noticed too? The thought of it makes me regurgitate the high spirit of teamwork and doing my best in becoming the "role-model". My head goes, "okay, now be selfish, defiant and dont u care about others. Be....Sofea". I dont feel like working tomorrow. Yah, Im not going to work. I am mentally drained with all the pressure loaded on me. Im sick sick sick sick with her. Im calling Lynette to tell her Im not coming... heck, does anyone care.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The One with "Pats On The Back"

Dear Blog, I've not been blogging for almost 10 days now. And these past 10 days have been filled with great discovery and sense of accomplishment. First thing first, rule of life, one must learned to be disciplined. Boy am I trying hard to do that in... reducing weight and building stamina; submitting deadlines; house chores like sweeping, mopping and folding the laundry; as well as keeping this journal updated. Yes. Its annoying for one to realise that she has been UN-disciplined. (Well, I'm one of those people, at least) Anyways, here's a list of the best things that happened to me for these past 10 days. 1. Tuesdays with Morrie OOooohhh... I should've known about the existance of this wonderful book a long time ago. It has been around for almost 10 years. I first heard about it from Nisa; thinking it is another Japanese-background story like Totto-Chan. I was wrong. Like Totto-Chan, this is one of the BEST books I have read in my 27 years 8 mths 3 days of my life. I was soooo involved. You know, as we are reaching the 10th, 12th, 13th Tuesday, I actually got cold feet. I really felt the numbness as I see Morrie decaying during Mitch' visits, doing his final 'thesis' on life. I cried and I mean, really cried when we came to the last Tuesday of Morrie and Mitch. For now, I am doing exactly Morrie's advice to Mitch: to 'detach'... from grieving of Morrie's death(You'll understand if you read the book). Cant help it. It is a true story. And Im a sucker for true-stories. I wanted to know how Morrie looked like; was he like the one I have in mind? So I went to Google and searched. I got this: I believed this is Professor Morrie and his student, Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie. This book is highly recommended for a good read. Its a treasure. A gem. While still in the hype of Morrie-isms, I shall share them in my Multiply site. Perhaps, one every Tuesdays.

2. Project Work - Aeroplanes completed. PATS on the back for me. I have succesfully facilitated a group of 15 6-years-olds to learn and understand a lot more about their chosen topic- aeroplanes. All I need to do now is to file up the documentations and display for parents. Im just pleased with how it all goes - this project. Before I procrastinate, I decided that I shall file it up and hold an exhibition and habisssss - selamat.

3. Lady Marmalade is back...

She's baaaaccckkk~~~ Took off my responsibility hat from being the Acting Principal. Will miss SK's "Selamat Pagi/Petang Guru Besar" and I'll blush and brush off with "No lah. Please dont call me that. I'm Guru Body Besar", and we will laugh. From India, she got me a blue pants with little round mirrors on it, a purse-sized mirror and we all tasted the huge bar of cashew nut chocolate. Yummmm....

A part of me felt that I have failed... in carrying out my role. Yet a part of me felt that "yes, I'm good. Im okay", I did it - managed the school with all due sincerity and honesty and dignity and pride. One more time, a PAT on the back for me.

That one month was a valuable experience for me... I have taken myself a level up and am more prepared for the next round of test.


3. Mother's Day

14th May 2006. My second Mother's Day. Rushda is still young to express her appreciations, but I guess I've faired pretty well. Yup, I'm a good mother doing all the things good mothers do....

But not to tug tad too hard on the girl's arm, that it caused her elbow to missed the alignment!!!!! Me? A good mother? A Debik on the back!

For the record, that was the SECOND time Rushda dislocated her left elbow within a year. Im ashamed to admit that I was the cause, when trying to protect her from an army of red-ants though. We were at the beach, celebrating Nadhrah's birthday. Of all the times and places, it happened there. Lucky thing Dear was around. We drove from East Coast all the way to KK, to fix it. Cant bear to see the pain in Rushda's eyes. It was over within 2 hours! Phewww~~~

Dear consoled me saying that its nobody's fault. You should see for yourself if he really meant it. Yooohooo... you weren't smiling, Dear!

*Okay here comes the part where I'm changing the fonts BIGGER*

4. Haircut

I had a haircut yesterday. Refreshing new look.

Oh goodness, Im falling asleep in front of my screen, I cant believe it. Will tell you more tomorrow yah. Im off to bed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time:: Health:: Money .....

Felisa said "one should have the time, health and money. Betul tak?..." With time, but no money and health = Most probably I'll just do lots and lots of solats and zikirs; With money, but no time and health = I think I'll still be a little bit happy. That cliche "money can't buy you happiness".. that's bull lah. More or less, it does. Most probably, with money but no health, then I'll be spending on treatments and medications; With health, but no money and time= What da heck would I be doing then? Oh! Maybe a housewife. Yes. Thats the stereo-typed ones lah, assuming "no money" is defined as not hard-earned money lah. Just nafkah from husband. There is some truth to what Felisa said. But its more to that..... hmmmm... Almost 2pm, meeting time.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Last Weekend...

Yearp, following the latest post, I realised that it WAS the shortest short trip we ever had to KL. We were in and out of Singapore within 48 hours. What were we thinking then? We just wanna go for a long drive and enjoy family quality time. We loved every single bits of it. No regrets. Will be doing it again soon, that spur-of-a-moment thing. And to think that Dear was working night that Sunday... Penat???? Dear gets to catch his nap; while I get ready for my scrapbooking class at Made With Love. While doing that, I was zoinking out, but kept myself awake by talking and joking around with the others. I am usually the one who starts a topic. This time, I started: breastfeeding, image-editting, what-to-do-in-KL and Sesame Street. Geeez, I'm friendly. :) I completed an A-Z Baby Album for Rushda... still needs a little more of touch up. Next, Ayah's Vito' right-rear tyre punctured infront of Park Mall. Waited till 8.30, then we head home. Once again, Ayah stopped me from going home. But managed to 'sneak out' with Rushda when he fell asleep. Imagine... Drrrraaaamaaa betul. I took a cab at the junction of Jalan Pelatok and the main road. Came out with 2 good excuses. Im ashamed of myself for resorting to lying - pakat with mummy one time, lying to her once more. Raudha~~~~~~~ Raudha~~~~~~~~~ Today is Labour Day. Got myself a new handphone- NOKIA 6280. Long-winded and made-complicated purchase. Then, me and Rushda headed to Plaza Singapure, once again to Made With Love. I was travelling from Tampines to Dhoby Ghaut in a public transport with Rushda, with no pram and no father. Its a good thing that I met up with Cousin Mel and Mak Lang. Spared me from public embarrasment. Mothers would know what I'm talking about. It was a loooooong day. I missed Dear by seconds. Here I am again, with Rushda to keep me company tonight. Hope to be mentally and physically prepared to get back to work tomorrow!!! HAH!!! Its past 10 o'clock.... *zzzzzzzZZZzzzzz*

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The One With KL Quickie

Yup, we are in KL. It's Saturday, 29th April 2006. We left yesterday evening by Tuas Checkpoint. We stopped at Seremban petrol kiosk for a break, then proceed to KL. We settled our stuffs and in bed by 2.45am. Our choice of hotel this time is Prince Hotel. $RM 315 per night with breakfast. Indulge~~~~~~~~ Did the most basic things - shopping and makan. What else? Isetan was having their end-of-the-month sale. I couldnt resist myself with all that pretty clothes for Rushda. On a spree, with no guilt. I spent about $SG250 on her clothes alone. In the end, no single blouse for me. I just couldnt find anything to my liking. None, From KLCC to Masjid India. Took lots of pics, sending them over to Dadha's Multiply. We are now surfing broadband in our room -1511. :) Just checked my bank account. Got my pay AND my bonus AND my progress package. Thank you LV, very generous of you.


Moonwalker Rave Disco Boogie Rave Girl Macarena

Friday, April 28, 2006

The One With New Wardrobe

Im on leave today. Wardrobe has just been fixed in Rushda's room. Cost me $SG 820.00. Expensive?? I like the quality and the simplicity of the wardrobe, which was designed by Abang Shahrin- THE Interior Designer of our home in Pa...Ris. Now that I have the wardrobe, it will be good to compliment the room with shelves, like the ones from IKEA. I cant wait for the new to open for business at their new site right here in Pa..Ris; well, across TPE flyover, so that's make the site at Tampines. Hmmm.. thinking of consulting either Uncle Haron or Abang Ijal for ideas. They are blessed by Allah with the sense of creativity. I thank Him that I have some people of that sort in my family.... Free of charge. Hahahhaa. Haaaiii.. if only Dear can write in to Debbie Travis and her make-over gang to come over and surprise me, I'll feel... SuPeRCALIFRagiLLisTiCeXPIALLIDOCIOUS! That's reel-life. In real-life, I love watching Debbie Travis shows. I've never failed to cry along with the surprised owners of the homes which they remake. *

* Eh! Come to think of it, its been quite awhile that I see her on air. Where's the show? Bring back my Debbie Travis, Channel 5!
So here is a pic of the new wardrobe in Rushda's room...

I present this wardrobe to Rushda and her wonderful Daddy, with the message:

"Hope you two will find this cubby a sharing shrine of all the nice clothes you have. I used to share my wardrobe with Ayah, and Mummy has one all to herself. Let's keep the tradition alive...Love you both ~ Ummie/Darl "

I have just finished tranferring Dear's and Rushda's clothing into the new wardrobe. I have also cleaned the room from the dust. Dear suggested we go for a short trip to KL. Im checking out the hotels online. He's not back from his Jumaat prayers. Will know then if the quickie idea is on or off.

Updates later...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Got It!!! (The One with Canon Suprise!)

Dear is back from his trip. :) Im soooo happy. He came back safe, and in one piece, last Sunday evening. Got a bag for me, and clothes for lil' Rushda. I saw lots of good quality football jerseys (cap palang ones). Earlier on that Sunday, my day started early, with Zik's birthday at Changi Beach. Nice gathering with Dear's side, albeit his absence. I was the Game-Mistress at the request of cik Hanis, who called me last minute. It was all fun and full of laughters. What a waste, no pics taken, except for the ones I took when we hurdled together under the hut when the rain started to pour and the strong wind blew the rain (plus the sea) towards us. Macam personal attack. Macam mini-tsunami. Everyone was drenched wet. Great-Grandma Nyai to Great-GrandGal Rushda braved it through. Mummy and Ayah was caught too. Due to that- drenched and all dirt, I have to skip Cousin Ed's invitation to the kids' birthday. [Leen, if you are reading this: Minta maaf banyak2 for not being able to attend. Apart from that reason, I haven't got them their presents lah. I owe them. Thinking of Scrapbooking Kits for Kids...] Going forward, I am just sooo happy that Dear surprised me with a Canon replacement digicam.

Dear was right - "berkat orang sabar...". He brought the old Canon for repair, and they offered a one-for-one exchange. Not only that, it comes with 256MB card. Alhamdulillahhhhhh syukur.

Now I can start snapping pics of us, Rushda, the kids in school, all!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I Want...

.....To complete my lesson plans up till May, but its not as easy as it looks. .....To sit here and just surf till morning, but Im working tomorrow. .....To find out how Irah photo-editted her pics. Oh so nice. .....A brand new Canon printer and a brand new Canon digital camera. .....Dear to cuddle us in bed before his trip to Hatyai tomorrow, but he is now out getting Haya ready for the long ride. .....This jabbing pain under my rib to stop, but its around and I can't lie down. .....To make the right decisions for the plans I have made this week. .....To be near Allah, but I always feel I can't because of this menstrual thing, when actually I can. I can zikir. .... To wash my face right after this, and sleep. .... To say sorry to Lina for not being able to attend her wedding. .... To know if I have been a good girl, a good wife, a good worker, a good mother, a good daughter and a good muslimah. Ahhh time to do reflection (muhasabah diri) followed by self-reflexology, anything to stop my cos-to-chon-dri-tis. Oh yes, I want to thank Aunt Linda, Cousin EdMary and Cousin Mel, and Mak Lang and Mak Long for their caring calls and concerned sms. I'm thankful to Mummy and Ayah for taking care of Rushda will I went to CGH on Sat' nite. I want to thank Andak for receiving Rushda with open arms. I've thanked Dear for his concerns and care. Though I was abit irked for letting me be in pain until the end of the Qatar MotoGP; I've forgiven him. Rossi won. Hehehe.