Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's on my TV nowadays...

I have a TV at home. In fact, two. The main one is placed in the most prominent place of the house- the living room. There's a mini version of the same brand- Ichiban, in my parent's room. But because Mummy is an ardent viewer of TV3, we were warned not to channel-surf as it may cause us to lose the channel's frequency. Yes, for TV3, we are at the mercy of wind-directions. That is because, to watch TV3, the service of an aerial is needed. So whenever Mummy comes to visit, I wouldn't want to be the one standing with the aerial next to the window where the neighbours can see me, trying to find the 'G-spot'. Once found, she warned us, "don't touch my TV3". So that is just like having ONE tv, right? ... I also have a good husband and an 18-months old adorable toddler. Whenever the TV is switched on, depending on the main viewer of the house, like it or not, you either see:


You know, its a good thing that I don't mind at all. Yes, seriously, I don't mind the football, and I don't mind watching the same Hi-5 series over and over AND over again. Don't I have a favourite programme? Not really.

[But I do love watching Oprah, Discovery Travel & Living and lately, Malcolm In The Middle (Star World)].

In fact, I'm as thrilled that World Cup is here. I'm not like other women who complained that the World Cup is causing their man to- not spend quality time, be ignorant, turning down dates, and blah blah. Be thankful that it happens only for a month, not to mention, once every four years. I do noticed that some matches start at 9pm. Baaagus. I get to be IN the house, do my things while Dear watch the match and minding Rushda at the same time. Hey, that's multi-tasking! For now, he is not complaining.

Hi-5 is in our living room before the starting of any match or when it's sleeping time in Germany or when THE MAN is sleeping or out for work. Then Rushda will be glued, and once again, I get to do my things. Either that, or I will join her in the dancing and singing.

At this point, although I am alone, with Dear at work, and Rushda with Andak, I should treat myself to the TV, right? No. I rather.... sleep. Tomorrow is a long day at Sentosa for LV staff training.

Auf Wiedersehen. Ich Liebe Dich.

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apa tu makna dia?