Monday, June 12, 2006

06.06.06 1. Mummy & Ayah's Anniversary. Its their 36th. 2. Tok (Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haron) passed away on this day back in 1986. I was 8 years old. The first time I was present to witness a funeral. Though playful and oblivious of the event, I remembered those who attended said: "Alhamdulillah eh, jenazah meninggal malam 7 lekor..." and "kalau tak silap, semalam malam lailatul-qadar lah"... sounds good enough for me. My Tok is protected and in 'good hands'. 07.06.06 I left work at 7.30pm. A kid was not picked up, due to miscommunication between Ah Kong and Ah Ma. That poor chilld. And the grandparents...must have been blaming each other. 08.06.06 To Pasir Ris Library, then to Swensen's for Apple Crumble. Dear joined me. Couple moment. 09.06.06 Went to the hospital to visit Nek Chu, who is in 4th stage of colon cancer. We were told that the cancer has spread to her liver. Another story of 'it-happened-so-fast'. Will be visiting her again. 10.06.06 Work then house chores then attend Sofie's birthday party then home, then no channel 27. Dear is a terror on the road. Isshh. 11.06.06 Rushda down with fever. At home, nursing her. Everything else has to wait. 12.06.06 6.00pm - Go home lah. Rest.


Bee-na said...

wah ni recap eh? heh.

Rushda dah baik?

hopefully Nek Chu wont have to suffer. My Dad was in 3rd stage when it was dicovered.

today im going back east! yay!

LadyLee said...

enjoy yr weekend!

DadhaSpoke said...


Your dad has cancer?

Latest was, Nek Chu's big intestines have been removed. Nothing can be helped about the spread to the lungs.

The Nek Chu is just like your dad- look healthy on the outside, but faulty on the inside.

DadhaSpoke said...


Thanks for dropping by.

1. By the time I saw yr comment, the weekend is coming to an end.
Uwwaaaahhhh *cry like SpongeBob*

2. U know the Haagen Daaz at Century Sq? Well, you kind of like dine ala alfresco/ no privacy. So anyway, yesterday I passed by and we saw this family having the chocolate fondue. Reminded me of a post - the one you had with ur mum and sis, I think.

Sluuuurrrp. Im getting that soon.