Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dadha & Erni Day Out

5th February 2007
It's a Monday- we applied for leave. We dont want to work. We have planned this many many days back. Originally, wanted to spend the day at JB with Blossom's study-mates. Apparently,it turned out, just us. So... No JB.
I took a cab down to Arab Street instead, and got myself 3 scarves and a blouse.
Then, we met- Dadha & Erni: 2 quirky, "last-minutes" professional working wives and mums, married to the boys of Abdul Ghaffar.
Here are the chronological events that took place, that eventful Monday, 5th February 2007.
FIRST, Kak Erni brought me to this little cozy mini eatery just at the corner of Arab Street, facing The Concourse. Forgot the name of the shop.
She had Mee Soup, I had... KARI AYAM (chicken curry) SERVED WITH ROTI (bread).
Punya lah BEST, terhantuk-benjol. I was excited, and when I do, I tend to let out this train-steams sound effects involuntarily, which reminded Kak Erni of her Japanese colleagues. She imitated these exaggerating sounds Japanese would make when they see something new or delightful. (i.e: Watch Japan Hour). Should've catch it in camera. Its unforgettable.
SECOND, For Zohor, we went to Masjid Sultan. Alhamdulillah, on that day, I had the opportunity to join the jemaah to perform SOLAT JENAZAH. May she be blessed with peace and rahmat.
My next task- understanding and finding out cara-cara mendirikan solat Jenazah.

THIRD, on the way back to the car, we were snapping us away... alot of funny ones, ; some of them:
FOURTH, Kak Erni bought a basket for Blossmobile.
FIFTH, I suggested Plaza Singapura with only a plan in mind- to visit Made WIth Love, and entice her with the beautiful stuffs there. Coincidentally, there was a class, to start at 2.30pm. Managed to convince her, at the very very last minute, to join that scrapbooking class. Erni agreed!
(Perhaps, cant be bothered with my whining)...
Anyway, we made this special album, supposedly for our coming wedding anniversary. Mine happens to be tomorrow, 6th Feb 07. I was happy that Kak Erni agreed to participate. Sista, I really hope you sincerely enjoy the class, not forced to (but then again, Kak Erni macam no choice, I was begging, "U want? U dont want takpe, tapi kenapa? Want ah")
SIXTH, we had dinner at Secret Recipe.
SEVENTH, I went home happy.
Today's de-stressing day... Halal! Wondering when will the next one be. =)