Friday, November 07, 2008

Sunshine! The sun is shining bright

Cant really think of a suitable title for this post other than the above.

Alhamdulillah, Mr Sun is showing up again, after the looming clouds have cleared. Blue skies ahead!

And just who-what am I referring to?

1. A change in my work environment, for the better. We are moving out soon, to a bigger and better place. Goodbye to a good 6-years at TP and my good pal, Mey. We went through it together, man. My decision is to stay on because i have confidence in LV. Tawakkal and gotta work hard to live my dream. Im looking forward to new challenges and changes ahead. Hello to CBP!

2. Barack Obama became the first black president for America! Live the dream! Nothing is impossible.I share the joys of the Americans who had been waiting for this moment. So, are we ready for a malay President or Prime Minister, Singapore?

3. Preps for Tamhid's road trip is about done. Im glad he's got most of his stuffs ready, and quite excited for this roadtrip. Not so excited by the expenses gone to improving the Busa's performance though.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl


I love sunshines. Dont you?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Looming dark clouds ahead"

I saw in the papers, many times, especially of late, about "looming dark clouds ahead". Obviously, they were referring to the terrible terrible world economic recession.

I saw those clouds alright. Looooooming....

A view from where I work. I was standing at the window, hoping to snap a pic of lightning. (Too much Discovery Channel!!)

Looking at that staircase, it reminded me of a dream I had two nights ago. I was driving our Mazda 2 tailing behind another car, apparently driven by Tamhid. He was with the little ones and we were on some village roads in Malaysia. From the main road, he made a left turn into a one-lane street. I turned too, BUT he's gone. So I kept on driving and told myself, "Couldn't be. How could I lose him?" I continued driving and at the same time, looking at the scenic kampung houses, padi field, a small mosque and then suddenly I reached a dead end. Well, not really dead lah. There was a staircase, something like the one in the picture above, except that it was wider and shorter.

Here's the funny part of the dream - I got out of the car, somewhat searching for network, and called him,

Me: "Eh where are you?? I'm lost. Which way did you go?"

Tamhid: "Huh? Lost? How can you be lost, you were right behind me, what."

Me: "I kat tangga. I ask you eh, this car can go down staircase or not?"

Tamhid: MANA BOLEH?!?!?! (how can?!?!) Mana ada TANGGA?! (Where got staircase?)

Me: Hah?! Cannot eh? Then how? No gear for staircase eh? (began to panic)

I started to walk around aimlessly looking for him, and when I came back, (this was the saddest part) the car was gone. Stolen. Panic again. Gotta find the car before Tamhid finds out.

Before I found the car, I found Tamhid and the girls. They were eating in a "PWD Kallang airport canteen" together with..... Abang Ijal and family. What were they doing there?!?! Apparently they were presenting a car-plate to Tamhid with the word "OHLINS" with lots of heart shapes around it. By the way, OHLINS is a branded part/accesories for bikes, like the one on Hid's Hayabusa.

Weird. But funny.

Anyway, back to the looming dark cloud. Something happened this morning that has caused my heart to be looming too. The person who is supposed to be my role-model "played" me out. He still needs to learn to prioritize things. I wonder what he thinks of me; Super Woman? Well this Super Woman also needs time out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The One when I Turned 30.

I've turned T-H-I-R-T-Y and Alhamdulillah, it feels good. I don't feel "old" a bit. Same as I was 16, 18, 21, 25, 28..... yurp, same. Still got the Disney in me. Hehe.

But true! As you get older, it gets quieter. Perhaps, its Ramadhan. Loved ones are occupied with ibadah and chores. Once again, Mum & Ayah has forgotten. As Ayah put it: "16 or 21-years-old, itu baru birthday. After that, jangan sibuk".

Whatever Ayah. I half-agree with you. 30 IS a "Happy Birthday" birthday and I still want that present I asked for. (",)Speaking about birthday present, Tamhid got me a Sony Ericsson G900 from Starhub! Ka-ching*ching Hehehe. Which reminds me, I want to tease him and tell him that I'll take that as my pre-birthday gift.There's still post-birthday. On actual day, early morning, the gift I received was unforgettable and priceless. That physical touch I had.... Most-deserving. It will forever be edged in my memory. Thanks for the Group Hug, Loved Ones.Durrah was squashed in the middle.

What I did on September 18, 2008:

- Rushed to Pergam to get Mum's medicine prescriptions, then rushed to SGH's pharmacy to get what she needed. Mum was slurring again. Signs of Stroke. Rushed back to Pergam as one of the items was her set of jabs, ice-packed. Mummy was being stubborn, insisting that she was fine. She, assuring me, to go ahead with my plans today, as rest is all she needed. With a heavy heart, I went.

- Go Johor and explored Kampung Pandan Bazaar. Too hot and tired to enjoy, but managed to get kain samping and butang-baju-abang-mana-Pah? Couldn't find the right Orange BK for Tamhid. We headed to Tebrau City Jusco to solat and window-shop and ding-ding-ding, we saw the PERFECT Orange BK. $RM100+... cant bargain. Departmental Store oiii.

-Iftar at Black Canyon.

-Headed for Angsana to shop more. Tamhid got himself the latest capal design.(The way he shops, as if its his birthday. *eyes-rolling*)

Sweetness on my 30th Birthday:

- Zilah and Baoling got me Dunkin Donuts!! More sweetness was when, Zilah wanted to send them over even when I was at the other end of Singapore. We picked up at her place instead.

- The Amethysts & Sapphires choired a birthday song conducted by Dila, over the phone.

- The SMSes and well-wishes over at Facebook.

- The birthday cards made by sweet Rushda and cousin Nadhrah.(I want something from Edleen!! A card or her fabulous scrapbooking LO. Hmm, I hope she reads this.)

As planned, goodie bags giveaway this Raya for loved ones at work and close to heart. Looking forward to a great year ahead. Insya Allah. Amin.

My siblings and our youngest broods.

Ridzwan, Rizal and Raudha.

Siti Shafura, Elliea Fatin and Durrah.

Monday, September 15, 2008

SMS -Serious Miscommunication Seh!

This happened over the weekend.

The first piece of news said: Cikgu A's second child passed away in an accident and Cikgu H's son is in ICU in SGH, not sure why.

Several SMS followed between me and F, the informer, talking about Cikgu A, and if we should go and visit. F said, "Don't. Not now. Seems like there is a miscommunication. I'll update".

Second news came soon after: Sorry. Its Cikgu A who is in ICU. Cikgu H's son passed away in an accident.

The following morning, during Sahur, another SMS came in: Alfateha. Cikgu A has passed away.

Final one from F: This is going to be a last update from me. Cikgu A has not "passed away". She is in a critical condition in ICU. Our friend, AZ, just visited her this morning."

Immediately I called F. She felt that it is not necessary of her to update anymore as informations given were confusing. I told F to keep up her good intentions.

This reminds me of P. Ramlee's movie, Do Re Mi. "Siapa yang mati dulu, saya hadiahkan satu ratus ringgit" Do and Wife who were pretending to be dead own up: "Saya mati dulu! Saya mati dulu!"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

In touch with the Disney in me

Consciously or unconsciously, I've been watching Disney channel shows. Believe it or not. Right now, I'm watching Camp Rock, the latest Disney original movie, after Jump In and High School Musical.I was looking forward to this premiere, just like other Disney teens!

I know who are The Jonas Brothers; who is Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus; who is Corbin Bleu and the real and on-screen names of almost ALL the cast of High School Musical. All thanks to Rushda; Hid's coolest bunch of nieces and nephew; and the six-going-thirteens mak neneks at work.

Aside from the movies, I do girls-bonding time with Rushda; in front of the TV set weekdays nights for Hannah Montana and The Witch from Waverly Place. Nevermind if it showed the episode we've watched before upteenth time.

The kids in school thought I'm cool. Yah really!! When I break into Best of Both Worlds, they went wide-eyed and "You watch Hannah Montana too?!?!?!" Occasionally, during transition periods, I'll use catchy lines from either one of the shows, and the kids love it.

When I was muccchhhh younger, I remembered watching Mousercise! That aerobic programme for kids. And of course, the classic Mickey Mouse and friends cartoon. My favourites? Donald Duck and Chip'n'Dale. As for Rushda, she is currently into Disney's princesses: Ariel and Cinderella. I don't buy her any dolls. Just loads of pyjamas and panties with pictures of them. :) Adding to her collectibles are storybooks of the princesses which I have read to again and again.

Hid, all of 35, will alert the girls when Yo Gabba Gabba is on (Nick Jr., 8.00am). I was surprised when he let off a, "Hold stiiiiiilllll!! Wiggly wiggly wiggly stop!" That was cute. When the girls are at home, its either Disney or Nick Jr. Once in awhile, when there's something informative and safe-to-watch programmes on Discovery Channel, Kakak will be encouraged to stay tuned and figure out whatever questions we threw to her, "Rushda. look! How did he catch the giant squid? What will they do to it?"

I'm proud to admit that there's still the Disney in me. Its good to be in touch with the child in yourself. Its okay, its safe and its good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Question is... Can I Do It?

Our PM and gang brainstormed on ways to generate the nation. Finally, they offered us...

  • FOUR months maternity leave;
  • SIX days childcare leave for every child under-7(heard from a friend. To be confirmed);
  • increased baby bonus for 1st and 2nd child; up to $4K.
  • increased subsidy rates for childcare fees; up to $300.

    they are seRIOUSly serious about us procreating.

    Mr PM spoke about changing the mindsets - of father's roles and responsibilities; parenting cultures and practices; and so on...
  • "Mr PM, after looking at your offer to child-bearing women like me, I must say it is indeed an advantageous offer. Its getting better by the year. I see hope in the future for my own daughters when they decide to have kids. Personally, Mr PM, I want to have more babies. I do. I wished to have FOUR, just like the people around me. Yet, I have my worries, sir. I share your sentiment about changing of mindets, especially one that involves fathering role. Yes, I agree. Something should be done. If the parenting 'system' works consistently and equally between husband and wife, then it would be a successful and positive child-rearing experience. I watched the news or read somewhere that "the culture of fatherhood (in S'pore) has definitely changed many years back, however its time to look at the practices. Mr PM, I present thee my worries..."

    1. Husband & Wife relationship became once-upon-a-time (personal level of emotional needs varies as new member joins in).

    2. Lack of time: to relax; quality time with spouse; with own parents; with own hobbies.

    3. Managing priorities: I love my family AND my career. I am "growing" along with my career. So many things to explore, yet my young children are slowing my opportunities. On the other hand, I love my family. I want to give the best for them, but with the cost of living very high, I must work, to earn money for basic basic use; which means sacrificing time to be with them.

    4. Family Finance (which is a minor setback. Least worried.) Baby Bonus and subsidies make a LOT of difference. Thank you for that initiative. It is what it is - a bonus. With that, I am able to place my child in a preferred school with a good programme. I want quality, so I pay more.

    5. Workplace mindset. You give us more days off. We welcome that, but do you think the workforce think likewise?? No. The last time I utilised the 3rd-mth maternity perk, I was arranged to take leave as and when it was deemed "non-peak". At the discretion of my supervisor. It was totally the opposite of the whole main purpose.

    "Suggestions, Mr PM? I suppose! Give me months to think about it"

    Monday, August 18, 2008


    Rewards bring positive effects on you. Like what I have just recently experienced. And for that, I am Thankful to Him for the blessings bestowed upon me.

    1. The company I've been working for rewarded me by acknowledging my loyalty and contributions for the past 5 years. I am one of the few recipients of Long Service Appreciation award on Friday. I was awarded with a Swatch watch. Coincidentally, I have a collection, that brings to a total of 20. Am I happy? Happpppy.

    2. Being Nisfu Syaaban on Saturday (where Maghrib is the beginning of the day); I was rewarded with the opportunity to sit jemaah with hubby and parents to recite surah Yaasin, 3 times. Usually we are ALWAYS occupied Saturdays, but not last Saturday. Following that reward, I prayed that my dua granted, and ibadah on that day accepted.

    3. I had the niat to Puasa sunat Nisfu Syaaban; but considering it was on a Sunday, I was eerrrr...contemplating. I woke up for Subuh and reached for the Amalan Seharian book, and I turned to this page, where it mentioned about the Rewards promised by Allah for those who observes fasting. I made my niat and Alhamdulillah, continued my fast. I was excited by the Rewards. Like I've said, may Allah reward my ibadah.

    4. Rewarded with Hor Fun for iftar; peace and tranquility the whole day, yes! despite having Rushda and Durrah around.

    5. Team Singapore's table-tennis duo won themselves Silver at the Olympics. That's their reward for all their perserverence and hard works. Li Jiawei (despite being a China-born) has been wanting to do this for Singapore. We must be happy for her.

    My opinion about their winning? Fabulous. Its the fighting spirits. Nevermind that they are not pure Singaporeans. If we want something to be won by 'real' Singaporeans, then nurture your children's talents in sports. Dont be empty-barrels. Personally, I feel that Li Jiawei won. Not Singapore. Good for her, first. Good for country, second.

    On that note, believe in Rewards. You'll never know when you'll get one, but you will, if you are committed, have the patience and optimistic. Enjoy what you do and You'll be rewarded.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    These Bloody Bladders....

    Its 12.20am, 14th August 2008.

    I should be up in 6 hours time; get ready for work. Yet I can't sleep.

    If Rushda has constipation problems; I have this.

    Its UTI. Urinary Tract Infection.

    I've been to the toilet countless time; the "nnnggg" feelings are unbearable.

    It's the fear of wetting the bed. Im now kneeling on the floor, facing my sleeping babies, blogging, and waiting for the next urge to go.

    I've gulped mugs of water. Im looking forward to this month's utility bill...*flush**flush*

    Sidetrack: Michael Phelps...he is talented. His swimming, is superb. I actually wanna say, he is yummy (but of course, Dear. You are yummier lah. But... you can't swim. How?).

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    It's been BUSY at WORK...

    Just look @ them.... My fellow LV a-list.

    We WORKed hard; we must PLAY hard.

    Problem-solving: How to untangle ourselves....

    Love them to bits. Missing the 3rd and 6th from left... coz they've left. See those 8 rainbow posters at the background? I made them! They depicted the 8 different intelligences from Howard Gardner's theory: Word Smart; Logic Smart; Music Smart; People Smart; Self- Smart; Nature Smart: Body Smart and one more...I cant remember.Proud of them.

    Where was I? Behind the camera, getting these "BUSY" people to pose.

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Living with my Mother-In-Law...

    Andak not around, went for holiday. Mak came by and stayed over since Sunday night, to care for Durrah during the weekdays, except today. Mak has other commitments. Hanaa was still around, so she accompanied Mak and became Durrah's playmate.

    What an unforgettable experience - after a tired day at work, you got home knowing dinner dah cooked (with love) and your baby is happy and smells nice. I felt pampered again.

    I am so thankful and blessed that I have a superbly loving and caring Mother-In-Law whom I fondly call Mak. She's old yet she is healthy and is forever with a smile. Come what may, she took it with strides. Very contented with what she has...

    I Love Mak, and Mak Loves Us All.

    Today- went to Heeren to get his Canterbury polo; then to Parkway for a haircut at Jean Yip. Very short. Annie Lennox kind of short. But the girl screwed the back part of my hair. Nevermind, just wait for it to grow.

    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    The Day I Ruined Dear's Favourite Canterbury

    It has been quite awhile since I was, in the deepest $h!tzii trouble.
    I ruined his favourite polo tee. The broad blue and white stripes one. Right. The one that was seen in LOTS of our photos.
    MY intention was to get rid of the iron stain on the white collar. It was supposed to be white, so I pinky-dipped CLOROX and rub it on. I underestimated the "effectiveness" and how fast it spread to other non-white parts too. How would I know???? Sigh :/
    He was rushing to work. Boy was he reaaaalllly mad. If I could just shrink and join the geckos/ lizards in their hideouts... I would.
    So, what kind of damage control done?
    1. After a few hours, I called to say how sorry I was. Really really sorry. He nagged and I listened. Offered to replace the polo tee or get him some kind of vouchers equivalent to the cost of the polo tee or do ANYTHING, WHATEVER that I can do to make it up (not that carbonated drinks la) to him.
    2. Im just so relieved that he was forgiving (that day). So, with Hanaa (aged 11) around, I decided to bring the girls out to The Heeren to get him the same Canterbury polo or vouchers; whichever available.
    So we were out on a bus, train and then car! We boycotted the cabs. I double-dared myself just because I had a groovy niece who was around for that weekend. Thanx Hanaa. *Hugzzies* Rushda was very much cooperative the way I wanted her to be. We were at The Heeren, and then Takashimaya's McDonalds for quick bites and Kinokuniya's Children's section; and then Somerset MRT and finally to AMK Hub to meet up with dearest hubba-hubba before heading home.

    Saw Kumar at The Heeren. He's cool. Durrah thought otherwise, "Get away, freaky aunty!"
    Hanaa Montana - with cousins Durrah and Rushda

    Proven - Dadha and babes @ Somerset MRT on a Sunday afternoon.
    Never again.

    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Mother's Day's j.i.n.x for the 2nd time

    That word jinx here is more of defined as "bad befallen" and not that suay kind of "suay" in my context of celebrating Mother's Day, as a mother, a supposedly happy occasion. You see, it happened twice. Once (in '07), I accidentally dislocated Rushda's elbow while trying to move her away from an army of red ants. We were at the beach, then we end up in KK's A&E. This year...

    Durrah was not well on Mother's Day (11/5). I noticed her sleeping patterns changed, her moods were so-so, and to think that we actually went out on a rendezvous supposedly "celebrating". She must have felt very very very uncomfortable.

    The following Monday night, she had bouts of vomitting. She vomitted on our bed, which bedcovers I've just changed. Nevermind that. I ripped the soiled ones off, and put on a new one. So when Durrah vomitted the second time after midnight, I told myself, "That's it. Must go to the hospital now. Two reasons: 1) She may vomit on the bed and I may need to change the quilt covers again! and 2) Vomitting sucks. Can't bear to see a baby vomit. Kesian. It hurts my gastro-system. With two kids now, we dont panic. At 2.00am, we drove to KK. Only at 5.30am, we get to see the doctor. The A&E sucks. Nevermind that.

    We knew Durrah's case was not normal when she needed x-ray, her vomit turned yellowish-greenish and when senior MO was consulted. Eventually, kena warded.

    Day 1: Vomitted after every feed. Passed out blood, just blood in her diapers. Weak. Dehydrated. Falls asleep easily. Evening, sent for ultrascan. Report out: Intussuception.

    An intussusception (a blockage of the intestine) is a medical condition in which a part of the small intestine that has invaginated into another section of intestine, similar to the way in which the parts of a collapsible telescope slide into one another.[1] The part which prolapses into the other is called the intussusceptum, and the part which receives it is called the intussuscipiens.

    An intra-operative view of intussuception.

    Day 1 (evening): Durrah had to have drip plug insertion and then go through air-enema procedure. As she was dehydrated, she has to be on drip. Heartbreaking procedures. We were there to see and hear Durrah crying helplessly. That night, Durrah didnt sleep well. I was relieved Dear was around and determined to overnight although ward policy stated only one parent. The nurses at Ward 85 were very understanding. They have their "by-right" rules, and they also shared with me "by-lefts". So that helped me alot.

    Day 2: Different doctors - the seniors to the newbies came to check her. Durrah was fine but "NIL BY MOUTH". She was very hungry and grouchy. Drip off! Yes!!!!!

    Day 3: Much much better. I will always remember that smile she gave on that morning she woke up. I wanted to go home so badly. She hasnt poop yet. I want to make sure she poops fine and not bloody. Charlotte, a Research Nurse came by and asked for my consent to include Durrah in their study of cases of Intussuception in Singapore. She said its not rare but not common either. Only about 25-30 cases reported a year in Singapore. So far, her statics collected showed that usually it occurs in boys. small percentage of recurrence. Her explanation was clear, I signed the consent form.

    Day 4: Drip plug off. Home sweet home. We were thankful it was over. I was secretly in tears whenever Durrah gave me a bright sunshiney smile. I felt useless to see the pain she went through. Credits to Rushda, for her patience and care for adik Durrah. Also to Sufi Khairina, the patient next bed. a 2-yrs-olds girl with bronchitis. We became good neighbours. The day ended with a healthy Durrah, a fevered Rushda and a tired but happy Ummi.

    Im still looking forward to next Mother's Day, with the hope of joys and laughters from my girls! Please, no more hospitals.

    Sunday, May 04, 2008

    May Day!! May Day!!

    Just over....
    • Salary ( with "generous" extras from company and government). Syukur.
    • A short getaway to Sunway Lagoon. Really short.
    • The Man U-Chelsea match with the latter winning 2-1. Chelsea kayu! Linesman potek! May they meet again for the finals. This i gotta see.
    • The HFMD cluster at work. All eight are well. Syukur. May there'll be no future outbreaks.
    • Mummy's stay at the hospital for heart attack. Mum is due for a heart bypass end of May. Mummy and I.... another separate story, another day.
    • Shocking news of divorce and marriages. Allah knows best.
    • Good news - The Udas got their unit at Raintree, Bukit Timah. We are happy for them!!Very close to nature. May the monkeys get to hang around.
    • Durrah turned 7 months. She's a pie.

    Coming Up...

    • My "non-profit" project at work: Project Multiple Intelligence. This is unlike business projects raking in millions of dollars, but still this is my baby. Im overall in charge, and I truly hope the ladies at work are in this with me. Are you with me gals???
    • Mother's Day.
    • Mummy's bypass.
    • ME time. May I get a ME time, please.

    May is not only a month. It is a polite [term] used in English. When you wished for someone something, you say "May you....". And when in a hope for a yes, you say, "May I...". So make May a month of prayer and well-wishes. Yes, I prayed daily in a hope for my prayers to be answered. Im just gonna do more in May.

    May you have a good week / month ahead.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Gone (March 2008)

    Alfateha to:

    1. Uncle Hasan. Haji Hasanuddin Darsani.... (Got to see a clip of jenazah dikafankan from his brother-in-law's hp. Two opinions: Insaf when you watched; Record your loved one's funeral???? Hmmm, no one should record me on MY funeral. Thats a simple request. This is not TV3).

    2. Abang Din. Haji Saifuddin. Nice chap. Good neighbour. Dear, we've lost a humble friend. You've been a good friend. Im proud of you.

    3. On waiting list: You, me, loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbours...... Today? Tomorrow? No one knows.

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Our lovable Abi turns 35!

    Dear turned 35! The same ol' him. We celebrated way ahead.... at the chalet. A cluster of birthdays: Mak's, Hadi's, Abang Uda's and Zik's too. I got everyone to sing the birthday song FIVE TIMES. Which reminds me.... My 30 is coming!

    Front Row: Dear, Mak and Hadi.

    Back Row: Zik and Abang Uda.

    I see ME!! Good thing the polo and cap were in the bag. Got flour all over me after the game. Clueless over what happened. Anyway, they are saviours.

    All I did was to hold up my camera... They cant help it.

    Bouquet of Gerberas for Mak. Not for me :/

    The midnight bowling tournaments....

    Happy Birthday, Dear. Im getting him the Garmin GPS he is eyeing for his ultimate ride!

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Durrah featured in a U.S magazine

    I'm excited to find out from cousin Ed (Javascrapper) that her layout of Durrah has been picked to appear on an online magazine called Scrapstreet.

    This doesn't happen all the time, so, yes I'm excited and I am proud and envious of Ed's creative juices in scrapbooking. Read all about it here.

    Thanx Ed!Thanx for making my day!

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Who Moved My Ice-Creams?

    Something amiss. What ehhhhh??? Oh I know! Chubby Hubby!!!
    Going to catch the culprit soon. CCTV.

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    Describe R.A.U.D.H.A...



    Unusual desire of doing something different

    Deadly practical & Divinely romantic at the same time

    Honour others

    Anak perempuan to Sal & Bert

    Got to know about this tag from cousin Javascrapper blog. This was what it says: " You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details)."

    Its hard to think of a name starting with each of the letter. Hmmmm.... Lets try... Rizal; Ann; Uda(??)(perhaps Kak Erni who has a blog!); Dilah; Hoo-ever you are; Anybody.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    What I DIDN'T do on Chinese New Year...

    1. Travel across the Causeway.

    2. Spend the day or night at East Coast Beach or Changi Beach.

    3. Go to the malls.

    What I DID on CNY days...

    1. Spend the first two mornings watching a CNY specials on TV1. I now know more about the culture. Check out famous fengshui expert, Lilian Too. Also, there's more to just reunion and Lo Hei and Hongbaos.

    2. Made breakfast for Mummy who spent the first morning here. Treat Mummy for breakfast on the second day.

    3. Better than Seoul Garden was, dinner at Cik Alin's. The best was- gathering the families and just chill out.

    4. Celebrate Faatin's actual birthday at Pergam yesterday. The highlights was Chu's cheesecake and Toey's treat of Ben&Jerry's !!!! Late night dinner at Simpang Bedok - tom yum yummm.

    5. Today, chill out day at Chu's. She made a salmon platter. Surf YouTube and take lots of photos.

    Durrah the Red Dragon!
    CNY Dinner @ Cik Alin & Cik Yan's

    Sunday @ Chu's

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    Ode to My Husband

    Dear, It has been 10 years. Good, enjoyable, priceless 10 years. Today marks the 4th year of marriage. Not bad lah. We sailed thru well. I cant deny that I can be quite an arse sometimes. That is because, you have been one too. Heeheheh... I love you, love your family, love your originality. Thanks for your patience and great listening ears - your advice and motivation, especially lately. Thanks for your effort to make this family works. You're a good daddy, husband and son-in-law.

    I Empathize...

    I emphatize easily. More so recently. One incident involves a fast-foeod delivery call. In the midst of taking my order, suddenly she shouted "I know! I know! Aiyah... Im taking call now right? I knowwww I knowww", responding irritably to another person at the background. Further details:

    She: Sorry ah. Some people ah.. aiyah.. they just dont understand. You see ah Im the only Chinese here, the rest are Malays. So when got Chinese calls, they all push to me.

    Me:(emphatize)...Oh, iszit? Then why dont you push my call to a Malay?

    She: Cannot lah, cannot. We cannot do that. Aiyah.. nevermind. "Some people". So what you want to order?

    She took down my order with repeated mistakes but I can understand how frustated she was. She continued to speak in a friendly tone. I patiently corrected her. She was kind. She ended the call with the must-say line. I liked the effort she put in.

    I also emphatize with this trainee at work who has committed a shocking crime - she pee(ed) while 4 little girls watched her. The children's toilet was out of bound. So all were instructed to use the one and only adult toilet. She was supposed to supervise their visit to the loo. My guess was, she couldnt hold on any longer, and thought, what-the-heck, "wait for me. I need to pee".

    To her horror, Lady Marmalade herself opened the door only to see her (the trainee) with her pants down and everything else. Thank goodness I didnt see anything, but boy, was I speechless and shocked. I was so fused up, I started to question her in my broken Mandarin. She denied what she has done. I told her in Mandarin, that she can deny all she wants, but that 4 innocent girls are witnesses. And that, they will tell.

    But then, i started to EMPATHIZE with her during the counselling session with Lady Marmalade. Anyway, she admitted eventually. She didnt realized what she was doing. To her, its a norm because she does it at home with her little girl looking. They still bathe together. She apologized. I pity her. Not easy for her, as she needs to get used to our culture in Singapore. She's not local. I hope things are fine, and I wanna be sure to act as normal when I see her on Monday.

    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    A Surprise Visitor in Dear's Mug!

    Now,I'll be telling people: The next time BEFORE you drink, just to be safe, rinse your mug/cup well.

    I discovered a LIZARD half drowned in Dear's mug of MILO!!!!! It was left overnight. I screamed in deafening decibels, he didnt bother to wake up and see. Because of his beady eyes (the LIZARD, not Dear's), I really can't tell if its dead or alive.

    Disgusted, I screamed to make him move (Dear. Not the LIZARD). No effect, so I amuse myself by testing my level of bravery - to take a second look. Cant tell if it's making his way out of the mug or dead. I left it there and went to shower.

    The mug and the lizard are now gone. Decided to throw both. I wont throw Dear away (I would if I could- for not standing by his woman. Gurr-ram). So sayang, that man-ly Coffee Bean mug was my gift for Dear on his first Father's Day. I'm getting him a new mug, with a lid, of course. I wonder... how long was the lizard in there? Could Dear be another CICAKMAN? I hope not.

    I wont forget this conversation between Dear and Rushda: Dear: Rushda, ini mug Abi. Rushda:(Thinking he said, "mak") Mana dia punya bapak?

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Of New Year....

    We are into the 25th day of 2008 and 17th day of 1429 Hijriah.

    Theoretically speaking, I'll be 30 this year. Yearp, I'll be 30-years-old.

    The big Three-Zero!

    Am I looking forward to it? Of course! So many things in mind when you are hitting 30.

    I day-dreamed of travelling alone, far far away; away from the husband, parents, children, work; just be away from Singapore/Asia - to reflect on what have I achieved in life; what is pending for my attention/ immediate actions especially spiritually; what have I failed; how do I re-shaped my dream in life, etc.

    At the same time, I've been thinking about death too. Yes, dying...

    Recently, I lost a grand-uncle whom I will fondly remembered as Tok Chu. His wife (my Nek Chu) also battled with colon cancer for about 4 years. (Nek Chu-May 2007; Tok Chu- Jan 2008). Rest In Peace.

    Its only natural that this is coming to me. Today, during an outing with Dear and babes, I was looking at him while he was reading his magazine. That indescribable feeling crept in me, "which one of us will die first?... Dear, if I die tomorrow, I want u to know I love you; love love love you. Will there ever be someone to replace me? Will you raise the girls the way we wanted them to be...." That was my inner voice. Imagine how Dear will react if I were to tell him those; he'd probably tell me its my wisdom tooth, which is so aching right now. Hah.

    Death aside, Im writing down a will. I am listing down names of people who will inherit my priceless "fortunes" - my books. My textbooks, children storybooks, teaching ideas books, fiction, non-fiction books, parenting magazines, DVDs/CDs. They are so precious to me, do not donate them away! In my will, I will nominate the important people in my life to inherit my Swatch collection; frame collection; paperbags (branded) collection,etc. I cant remember who I nominated to inherit my untouched CPF savings. I shall get my will ready and signed soonest. Thirty is coming.

    Dear is gearing up for his "ultimate ride" in November. Destination: Golden Triangle.
    We were talking the other day, I told him this (and only Allah knows how I tried to hold back my tears): "I want you to promise me that you will come back riding your bike. I do not want to be the one to fetch you or... God forbids...collect you". To which he answered, "Insya- Allah".

    Very taboo right? Lets give it a rest.

    Rushda - 1 year ago.