Thursday, August 14, 2008

These Bloody Bladders....

Its 12.20am, 14th August 2008.

I should be up in 6 hours time; get ready for work. Yet I can't sleep.

If Rushda has constipation problems; I have this.

Its UTI. Urinary Tract Infection.

I've been to the toilet countless time; the "nnnggg" feelings are unbearable.

It's the fear of wetting the bed. Im now kneeling on the floor, facing my sleeping babies, blogging, and waiting for the next urge to go.

I've gulped mugs of water. Im looking forward to this month's utility bill...*flush**flush*

Sidetrack: Michael Phelps...he is talented. His swimming, is superb. I actually wanna say, he is yummy (but of course, Dear. You are yummier lah. But... you can't swim. How?).


madame blossom said...

how is it now?

mudah2an better.

DadhaSpoke said...

Finally it stopped.
3am, full version started again. :)
That was what I waited for.

Quite common. My friends pun kena.