Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Question is... Can I Do It?

Our PM and gang brainstormed on ways to generate the nation. Finally, they offered us...

  • FOUR months maternity leave;
  • SIX days childcare leave for every child under-7(heard from a friend. To be confirmed);
  • increased baby bonus for 1st and 2nd child; up to $4K.
  • increased subsidy rates for childcare fees; up to $300.

    they are seRIOUSly serious about us procreating.

    Mr PM spoke about changing the mindsets - of father's roles and responsibilities; parenting cultures and practices; and so on...
  • "Mr PM, after looking at your offer to child-bearing women like me, I must say it is indeed an advantageous offer. Its getting better by the year. I see hope in the future for my own daughters when they decide to have kids. Personally, Mr PM, I want to have more babies. I do. I wished to have FOUR, just like the people around me. Yet, I have my worries, sir. I share your sentiment about changing of mindets, especially one that involves fathering role. Yes, I agree. Something should be done. If the parenting 'system' works consistently and equally between husband and wife, then it would be a successful and positive child-rearing experience. I watched the news or read somewhere that "the culture of fatherhood (in S'pore) has definitely changed many years back, however its time to look at the practices. Mr PM, I present thee my worries..."

    1. Husband & Wife relationship became once-upon-a-time (personal level of emotional needs varies as new member joins in).

    2. Lack of time: to relax; quality time with spouse; with own parents; with own hobbies.

    3. Managing priorities: I love my family AND my career. I am "growing" along with my career. So many things to explore, yet my young children are slowing my opportunities. On the other hand, I love my family. I want to give the best for them, but with the cost of living very high, I must work, to earn money for basic basic use; which means sacrificing time to be with them.

    4. Family Finance (which is a minor setback. Least worried.) Baby Bonus and subsidies make a LOT of difference. Thank you for that initiative. It is what it is - a bonus. With that, I am able to place my child in a preferred school with a good programme. I want quality, so I pay more.

    5. Workplace mindset. You give us more days off. We welcome that, but do you think the workforce think likewise?? No. The last time I utilised the 3rd-mth maternity perk, I was arranged to take leave as and when it was deemed "non-peak". At the discretion of my supervisor. It was totally the opposite of the whole main purpose.

    "Suggestions, Mr PM? I suppose! Give me months to think about it"


    madame blossom said...

    insyaAllah.. semuga u CAN.

    can lah.. can lah.. 1 or 2 more..

    Edleen said...

    come on Cousin! more Babies for you! you gotta catch up with me ok? ;)

    have a nice weekend and Happy Teacher's Day to you Dear!!!

    DadhaSpoke said...


    I'll catch up! Pass me the baton.
    Thanks. Happy Teacher's Day to you too!!! U've taught me quite a bit on scrapping.

    Ah yes, Blossome (another mother of 4).
    Can lah hoh. But den hoh, new house coming our way leh - 2013.

    chocoholic said...

    hahahaha! DHA, ako AGREE! biler PM nak bacer bende ni??? kalo dia jawap, bilang ako! kekekekekekeke

    DadhaSpoke said...


    Bila eh??? Bila dia tgh ROC (relak one corner).

    I re-read my post and i was a bit unclear of what i wrote. Sleepy perhaps. Geez.