Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm Going for It...

Going for what? Going for independent SUCCESS! With loads of love, support, understanding, knowledge, experience, creativity and faith, I believe I could be the next changemaker. 😃

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Dear Blog,

After four years dissing you, I came back. It was really nice reading back old posts. Heartwarming.  I needed this and so here I am. Its 4.50am. Just done chatting with dear husband, who has been away in Graz, Austria for close to two months now.
Take heart, dear self. Be brave for what is to come until he comes back in April 2018. Insya Allah. ❤

Friday, September 06, 2013

Race to the Top

"Race to the Top" is the CEO's motto in the company. Its a positive trait. She raced with grace and the brand I am working with is ahead now. Good!

But what is not good is, Im panting trying to catch up. Its so challenging. But it is the challenge that keeps me going. Im not going to give up. I will strive. I want to believe in the cliché, "nothing is impossible".

May Allah grant me the witsand humour

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Yours is one of the best"

Last week, I confessed to my new
"superior" colleague that I am pathetically s-l-o-w
in writing, editting and publishing the class journal. My point to her was, "sorry. Don't expect early submission from Raudha hence dont give more works"

Sparks burst in my heart when she said, "that is because you are a perfectionist. Do you know that yours is one of the best?"

Now the thing is, I know this didnt come from her. Its from the male and the other female and the "office" female . I LOVE it when people talk about positive things about me; especially behind my back. Love it. All praises to the Creator for the blessings.

With the females and the male :)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Health is my Wealth

All is good. Recharging on a cold Sunday morning. This is me on 14 April 2013.

Thanks Durrah.

And this is Durrah...

I have got to reduce weight so that i can catch up with her.
using the Endomondo app again.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday Day

Yesterday's Saturday was yet another busy Saturday. I noticed that at times the busy Saturdays were like patterns. So, how was it spent for yesterday's Saturday?
1. At work:
1.1: Green Club spring-cleaning. Something which i am really good at- organising things. Boxed and labeled them. It is now a much better place to stand (and prostrate).
1.2: Tea Session with Marieah's class. Together with Tamhid. We were surrounded by expats and the rich. Ok, that was just an observation. Period. I really dont care much because we are probably the better parents who dont shift our responsibilities to the domestic workers. Im not sure if I should look forward to the birthday invites and playdates, as suggested by Hamish's mummy.
2. I have to skip Candy's housewarming invitation.
3. I have to skip June Rusdon's old-friends gathering at where else, BigFish Bistro.
4. Spent the evening with Sister-In-Law Erni to listen to Imam Abdul Lateef Finch talked about searching for Allah at our down times. I had it recorded using the app in this iphone5. Syukur Allah for this tech-advancement.
5. Spent about a good 10 minutes in tears before sleeping;
that was AFTER the results of the Punggol East bi-election (WP won, by the way), reading a touching chronological journal blog of a mother from the day her daughter met with an accident till the day she passed away (6/1 to 20/1) and the HW time.
I think, as at now, I already know why I cried.
Imam Finch shared his observation in his closing speech. He said that in any events that he has attended (referring to religious events), the vast majority is the females and not the males. There is a problem. Men are not becoming men. They remain as boys.

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Coincidental Colour Themes

Family Colour Theme has recurred in this family in three consecutive days! And they are all purely coincidental.

Yes, it does amaze me because we are not the typical husband-and-wife-matching-tops-plus-kids-wear-same-shadeofgreen.

So, when we started realising that "eh matching!" , there were laughters.

And laughter is good. It equates to love in the family.

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