Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am chronically exhausted. Aside from the doctor's diagnosis of hyperventilation, I do feel the tension in my head, neck, throat and back. Its so tense that I feel veins will go BURST anytime.

I am also learning to manage my pain and panic better. I am taught by my spouse not to panic when I feel breathless nor choking. Easier said than done. So I must learn not to expect anyone to give an assurance rub on my back when that could be a life-saver at that point? Rather, I should try and keep my pain private. It worked the other day. When Attack came after I boarded 960 from the iPad training; and at Terminal 2's McD with Ayah witnessing it.

Im exhausted but my head could not stop thinking, thinking and thinking. Will I ever reach 34?


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