Monday, February 23, 2009

M. Nasir.... just this once.

I wish to remember this. On HOW I went through the hassles to surprise dear husband to watch Konsert Alam M. Nasir in Kuala Lumpur. I thought, since he has been singing that Mentera song so frequently than ever, he should go see M. Nasir live. So I cooked up the plan of surprising him. Im not sure if he is a so-called fan, but he may appreciate the music.

Now, no one goes to a concert alone. So, got to be a pair of tickets. Now, to make him go, he must bring someone. First option was Safari, his good ol' kaki; Second was Shah, last Busa's kaki or worst case scenario, ME, his long-time kaki complain wife. But for now, I shall not count myself in.

After the tickets were presented, it was a question of who is going with him.

Q:You are due to go for a family holiday, so why plan this?

The facts that: 1. Its our 5th year wedding anniversary. 2. I love to surprise him. 3. Dates coincide. We are due to be in KL anyway. 4. There was Kak Erni, who were buying tics for herself, Abg Uda & Friends. If it isnt for them, I wouldnt even think about the whole thing.

Q: How did you surprise him?

It was exciting!!! I watched Kpak Bing Bing and heed Pak Lebai's tips on ways you can surprise your spouse. So...

I placed the tickets in the fridge along with the chocolate muffin. They were left there from Saturday evening TILL he discovered it the following day, afternoon.

So that made them a pair of freaking "cool" tickets.

NOW, the question is, Who's Going with Him? I don't think I can. Who would care for the children then? It will be in KL!! A little bit messy here.... And the weekend is coming.