Sunday, September 07, 2008

In touch with the Disney in me

Consciously or unconsciously, I've been watching Disney channel shows. Believe it or not. Right now, I'm watching Camp Rock, the latest Disney original movie, after Jump In and High School Musical.I was looking forward to this premiere, just like other Disney teens!

I know who are The Jonas Brothers; who is Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus; who is Corbin Bleu and the real and on-screen names of almost ALL the cast of High School Musical. All thanks to Rushda; Hid's coolest bunch of nieces and nephew; and the six-going-thirteens mak neneks at work.

Aside from the movies, I do girls-bonding time with Rushda; in front of the TV set weekdays nights for Hannah Montana and The Witch from Waverly Place. Nevermind if it showed the episode we've watched before upteenth time.

The kids in school thought I'm cool. Yah really!! When I break into Best of Both Worlds, they went wide-eyed and "You watch Hannah Montana too?!?!?!" Occasionally, during transition periods, I'll use catchy lines from either one of the shows, and the kids love it.

When I was muccchhhh younger, I remembered watching Mousercise! That aerobic programme for kids. And of course, the classic Mickey Mouse and friends cartoon. My favourites? Donald Duck and Chip'n'Dale. As for Rushda, she is currently into Disney's princesses: Ariel and Cinderella. I don't buy her any dolls. Just loads of pyjamas and panties with pictures of them. :) Adding to her collectibles are storybooks of the princesses which I have read to again and again.

Hid, all of 35, will alert the girls when Yo Gabba Gabba is on (Nick Jr., 8.00am). I was surprised when he let off a, "Hold stiiiiiilllll!! Wiggly wiggly wiggly stop!" That was cute. When the girls are at home, its either Disney or Nick Jr. Once in awhile, when there's something informative and safe-to-watch programmes on Discovery Channel, Kakak will be encouraged to stay tuned and figure out whatever questions we threw to her, "Rushda. look! How did he catch the giant squid? What will they do to it?"

I'm proud to admit that there's still the Disney in me. Its good to be in touch with the child in yourself. Its okay, its safe and its good.

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madame blossom said...

still young at heart right?

like me lah.. :D