Monday, September 15, 2008

SMS -Serious Miscommunication Seh!

This happened over the weekend.

The first piece of news said: Cikgu A's second child passed away in an accident and Cikgu H's son is in ICU in SGH, not sure why.

Several SMS followed between me and F, the informer, talking about Cikgu A, and if we should go and visit. F said, "Don't. Not now. Seems like there is a miscommunication. I'll update".

Second news came soon after: Sorry. Its Cikgu A who is in ICU. Cikgu H's son passed away in an accident.

The following morning, during Sahur, another SMS came in: Alfateha. Cikgu A has passed away.

Final one from F: This is going to be a last update from me. Cikgu A has not "passed away". She is in a critical condition in ICU. Our friend, AZ, just visited her this morning."

Immediately I called F. She felt that it is not necessary of her to update anymore as informations given were confusing. I told F to keep up her good intentions.

This reminds me of P. Ramlee's movie, Do Re Mi. "Siapa yang mati dulu, saya hadiahkan satu ratus ringgit" Do and Wife who were pretending to be dead own up: "Saya mati dulu! Saya mati dulu!"


Edleen said...

ahh...miscommunication can be quite bad.

how are you and the Girls? one more week to mark the end of Ramadan and hope this year has been good for us all.

Take care and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

oh i can imagine the emotional turmoil..that was what happened when my granny passed away..just not as dramatic


DadhaSpoke said...

All is well. Yes, Ramadhan is leaving us and that is sad.
Durrah is beginning to walk! And I remember...Aneesa's birthday is coming soon.

I remembered this episode happened during the passing of Ustaz Abdillah AlJufri.
Closer to family was, my dad's passing. Yes. One day, few ppl called my place and tanya abt my dad. Thank God he was there. If he wasn't, I was sure to freak out.

And no, I dont count this latest one as dramatic lah. :)