Friday, June 13, 2008

Living with my Mother-In-Law...

Andak not around, went for holiday. Mak came by and stayed over since Sunday night, to care for Durrah during the weekdays, except today. Mak has other commitments. Hanaa was still around, so she accompanied Mak and became Durrah's playmate.

What an unforgettable experience - after a tired day at work, you got home knowing dinner dah cooked (with love) and your baby is happy and smells nice. I felt pampered again.

I am so thankful and blessed that I have a superbly loving and caring Mother-In-Law whom I fondly call Mak. She's old yet she is healthy and is forever with a smile. Come what may, she took it with strides. Very contented with what she has...

I Love Mak, and Mak Loves Us All.

Today- went to Heeren to get his Canterbury polo; then to Parkway for a haircut at Jean Yip. Very short. Annie Lennox kind of short. But the girl screwed the back part of my hair. Nevermind, just wait for it to grow.

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Sue said...

you lucky soul!!!!!! what a great mom in law you have one in a staying with my own mom but still it is not like i complaining? not just letting out some weight from my chest..sigh....will talk to you moe when we see each other ok...salaam.