Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Day I Ruined Dear's Favourite Canterbury

It has been quite awhile since I was, in the deepest $h!tzii trouble.
I ruined his favourite polo tee. The broad blue and white stripes one. Right. The one that was seen in LOTS of our photos.
MY intention was to get rid of the iron stain on the white collar. It was supposed to be white, so I pinky-dipped CLOROX and rub it on. I underestimated the "effectiveness" and how fast it spread to other non-white parts too. How would I know???? Sigh :/
He was rushing to work. Boy was he reaaaalllly mad. If I could just shrink and join the geckos/ lizards in their hideouts... I would.
So, what kind of damage control done?
  1. After a few hours, I called to say how sorry I was. Really really sorry. He nagged and I listened. Offered to replace the polo tee or get him some kind of vouchers equivalent to the cost of the polo tee or do ANYTHING, WHATEVER that I can do to make it up (not that carbonated drinks la) to him.
  2. Im just so relieved that he was forgiving (that day). So, with Hanaa (aged 11) around, I decided to bring the girls out to The Heeren to get him the same Canterbury polo or vouchers; whichever available.
So we were out on a bus, train and then car! We boycotted the cabs. I double-dared myself just because I had a groovy niece who was around for that weekend. Thanx Hanaa. *Hugzzies* Rushda was very much cooperative the way I wanted her to be. We were at The Heeren, and then Takashimaya's McDonalds for quick bites and Kinokuniya's Children's section; and then Somerset MRT and finally to AMK Hub to meet up with dearest hubba-hubba before heading home.

Saw Kumar at The Heeren. He's cool. Durrah thought otherwise, "Get away, freaky aunty!"
Hanaa Montana - with cousins Durrah and Rushda

Proven - Dadha and babes @ Somerset MRT on a Sunday afternoon.
Never again.

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