Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I DIDN'T do on Chinese New Year...

1. Travel across the Causeway.

2. Spend the day or night at East Coast Beach or Changi Beach.

3. Go to the malls.

What I DID on CNY days...

1. Spend the first two mornings watching a CNY specials on TV1. I now know more about the culture. Check out famous fengshui expert, Lilian Too. Also, there's more to just reunion and Lo Hei and Hongbaos.

2. Made breakfast for Mummy who spent the first morning here. Treat Mummy for breakfast on the second day.

3. Better than Seoul Garden was, dinner at Cik Alin's. The best was- gathering the families and just chill out.

4. Celebrate Faatin's actual birthday at Pergam yesterday. The highlights was Chu's cheesecake and Toey's treat of Ben&Jerry's !!!! Late night dinner at Simpang Bedok - tom yum yummm.

5. Today, chill out day at Chu's. She made a salmon platter. Surf YouTube and take lots of photos.

Durrah the Red Dragon!
CNY Dinner @ Cik Alin & Cik Yan's

Sunday @ Chu's

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Edleen said...

looks like a fun celebration! Baby is growing up and she's so cute! :) *she's going to be "famous" soon*

where's the tag you said you did? anyway, have a Great Week ahead!