Monday, March 24, 2008

Our lovable Abi turns 35!

Dear turned 35! The same ol' him. We celebrated way ahead.... at the chalet. A cluster of birthdays: Mak's, Hadi's, Abang Uda's and Zik's too. I got everyone to sing the birthday song FIVE TIMES. Which reminds me.... My 30 is coming!

Front Row: Dear, Mak and Hadi.

Back Row: Zik and Abang Uda.

I see ME!! Good thing the polo and cap were in the bag. Got flour all over me after the game. Clueless over what happened. Anyway, they are saviours.

All I did was to hold up my camera... They cant help it.

Bouquet of Gerberas for Mak. Not for me :/

The midnight bowling tournaments....

Happy Birthday, Dear. Im getting him the Garmin GPS he is eyeing for his ultimate ride!


Edleen said...

Happy Birthday to your Dear! :)

hope everyone is doing well and please let me know how Mama Sal is doing too.

take care! *hugs*

Cuzzy Sue said...

Salaam dear Sis,

just wanna ask you....where did you get the scarf that you are wearing in the picture here?

DadhaSpoke said...

Which picture? Yg ada monyet tu?

That brown one I had it donkey years back... I think from Turkey, org kasi.