Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day!! May Day!!

Just over....
  • Salary ( with "generous" extras from company and government). Syukur.
  • A short getaway to Sunway Lagoon. Really short.
  • The Man U-Chelsea match with the latter winning 2-1. Chelsea kayu! Linesman potek! May they meet again for the finals. This i gotta see.
  • The HFMD cluster at work. All eight are well. Syukur. May there'll be no future outbreaks.
  • Mummy's stay at the hospital for heart attack. Mum is due for a heart bypass end of May. Mummy and I.... another separate story, another day.
  • Shocking news of divorce and marriages. Allah knows best.
  • Good news - The Udas got their unit at Raintree, Bukit Timah. We are happy for them!!Very close to nature. May the monkeys get to hang around.
  • Durrah turned 7 months. She's a pie.

Coming Up...

  • My "non-profit" project at work: Project Multiple Intelligence. This is unlike business projects raking in millions of dollars, but still this is my baby. Im overall in charge, and I truly hope the ladies at work are in this with me. Are you with me gals???
  • Mother's Day.
  • Mummy's bypass.
  • ME time. May I get a ME time, please.

May is not only a month. It is a polite [term] used in English. When you wished for someone something, you say "May you....". And when in a hope for a yes, you say, "May I...". So make May a month of prayer and well-wishes. Yes, I prayed daily in a hope for my prayers to be answered. Im just gonna do more in May.

May you have a good week / month ahead.


madame blossom said...

May we all win something or learn something in May and the rest of our lives. :D

May the bypass operation go well. InsyaAllah.


Anonymous said...

hey dadha u still blog here eh. no wonder ur multiply senyap! anyways so fast lah Durrah dah 7 months? oh goodness rasa macam baru je u gave birth.

miss u and ur kiddos..hope to see u guys soon. InsyaAllah :)

sabbie aka ummiamshar

Edleen said...

look at you two! so cute!!!
you scrapping this photo? ;)

DadhaSpoke said...

Its June, keep on praying!

Miss you and Amshar lotss.

by the way ladies, my mum is back home, recovering well from the heart bypass. :)

DadhaSpoke said...

scrap eh? Ok ok, will do will do.
(substantially convincing "will do") hahahahaha...