Friday, June 16, 2006

The One with Shark and Maggots and Hadi

I had the WEIRDEST dream last Wednesday night. I dont have any recollection of recent dreams. I dream about it, but it will poof off once Im awake and I will forget all about it. But not this time, I was awaken by it, and told Dear about it right away, at 3 am in the morning. Okay, here how it goes: This dream involves Hadi (Dear's nephew), me and a baby of a Great White Shark. Me: Hadi, pernah tengok shark? H: Pernah (nodding his head). Me: Hadi pernah makan shark? H: Makan?!?! (big eyes) Me: Nak try? H: Nak! (excited) Next scene, we were at a kitchen/restaurant; looked like a japanese sushi outlet. Me: Hadi tengok eh. Suddenly, there was a baby shark slammed on the table, fierce snout facing us. Terkejut. We were seated like customers waiting for our sushi and teppanyaki. The shark was placed on a table slightly higher than us. Then, with one great chop, the shark was sliced like a loaf of bread. Its head fell off the table and dropped on Hadi's foot. Next scene, I saw the sole of Hadi's foot red with blisters and like bubbles bursting.... and holey cheese, there were something alive moving inside! Me: Hadi, kenapa dengan kaki Hadi? H: Oh oh....mmmmm....maggots. (While examining his own foot). LO AND BEHOLD.... maggots popped outs. Hundreds of it. Then, two more familar faces came to the picture. Kak Erni (Hadi's mum): I think we need to bring him to the hospital. By now, Abang Uda (Hadi's dad) was also examining and looked verrry very crossed. Me: Sorry eh. I nak ajak Hadi makan shark, tak sangka dia jadi gini. Abang Uda: YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW? He is ALLERGIC TO SHARK! End of dream. And by the end of this post, I am laughing uncontrollably. Didnt had a chance to share it with Kak Erni. Oh well, she will know when she reads this post. Hope they have a smooth journey to Port Dickson. :)

<---- That's Hadi.


blossom said...

hahahahahaha!!! Hadi and I read it together.. Haha.. Hadi allergic to sharks.. so cute.

Mimpi pasal sushi2 ni.. dah teringin nak gi JB makan sushi dengan the kids again? Shall we??

DadhaSpoke said...

We shall! 2nd July? Id working morning shift.

Yeah, the dream itself was REAL ok. I remembered feeling scared when the part Abang Uda said Hadi is "allergic to shark".

Allergic to SHARK?????? Ada ke?

Thats the laughing point.