Friday, November 17, 2006

The One with November Rain

Once again, I have to ask this: How many people out there are consistent and disciplined? You there, are you consistent and disciplined? In which area do you score the most? Aren't you ashamed about not being consistent? Well, I do! What made me thought about it was the fact that - I didnt blog for about a whole of a month now. Not that it is COMPULSORY. Not that i'm answerable to a higher authority, STILL, its a matter of consistency and disciplined. You will then be respected. Geeez, I just felt guilty. ----------------------------------------------------- The usual me, at this point, I will just update what I am experiencing or just experienced. 1. The DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT

Last night's dream was really UNEXPECTED. I dreamt that Salman Khan and Sunjay Dutt were my working colleagues!?!?!?!?! Yes, MY working colleagues. There, in the dream, I was sitting on a low coffee table with the others, having our curriculum meeting, when suddenly both Salman and Sunjay came and sat next to me (with their meeting files!) They were shirt-less!! Thank heaven they were wearing pants. In the dream, I was shocked. I asked, "What are you doing here?" (feeling nervous) Salman answered, " Kenapa Raudha? Kita sama-sama kerja Learning Vision kan?" WHHHHHAAATTTTTTTT?????!!!!!! What nonsense... The dream continued, one of them, Salman I think, keep on resting his cheek on mine. I recalled having to move my head away, and I looked pissed. One of my real LV colleague appeared in the dream and said, "Let them be lah. Please stay focus in this meeting. And I heard Sunjay asking this, "Which class am I taking next year?" ... I must have been realllllly tired, that work anxiety is affecting me that I have nightmare, but why Sanjay and Salman? Beats me. 2. DEAR's MISSION THAILAND: Ride to Phuket 15th November 06 Dearest hubby is away on a mission in Thailand. He's been away since last Wednesday evening. From the joy of being left alone with Rushda, it has turned to the sorrow of missing him. Yet to shed a tear, but cried a bucket when I prayed to Him for Dear's safety. Feeling lah. Miss him so much, that I have forgiven his wrongdoings, that I planned to surprise him with a spick-n-span home, that I tell myself to treasure him and love him more. Its true what they said- "absence made the heart grows fonder".

I found one of our best couple pic. The night before Rushda was born. Makes me wanna try for No.2!

3. The graduation concert was GRAND! - 12th November 06

Finally, after all the hard work we have put in, it pays off. My students did well in their stage play of The Swordfish Story aka S'pura Dilanggar Todak. With all the last-minute cluster rehearsals, full-dress rehearsals, centre rehearsals, I have one word to say: HALAL!

The cast of S'pura Dilanggar Todak... Thats Khairina and her "pink" Sultan's dayangs, and that is Mariati and her "yellow" laundrettes. Funny that, after everything is over, I miss the hard times we had together. Another highlight of the day was...

Meeting Aries and Tini - fellow bloggers and survivors of LV.

4. Mummy Mild Stroke 8th November 06/ Ayah & his brand-new Edix

Mummy had mild stroke again, this time more severe, nevertheless, she is optimistic and fight to get back on her two feet and to go back to her kitchen to see the senduk and periuk.

I have been telling myself to be strong and brace what lies ahead. The doc has updated us about Mummy's condition, and this time round, I wished to foot the medical bill, and I did just that. Alhamdulillah, my Medisave helps.

At the same time, ayah just got us a brand-new pearl-white Honda Edix. 6-seaters. I drove... Best. While Dear's Haya plate is AF 242, Ayah's car is SGN 545. Cool numbers! Cannot tikam one. Short of a digit.

5. Reunion with ol' schoolmates

Suryati, Rosdiana, Leila and me.

1. Yati just had her second boy. 2. Diana is expecting (7wks). 3. Leila just came back from Manchester.

Candid-moment, all three of them owns an Olympus camera, but NONE knows how to find/use the timer function on their camera. Pekak badak lah. Lucky thing I'm a natural fast-learner (ahem ahem), I assisted them while they just sit pretty.

Okay, time to solat maghrib. This, we must be consistent!


Anonymous said...

wah... nice to be able to see them again eh.. Leila have really put on so much of weight hehehehe..

didnt believe it when Diana told me tat day when I came over to her place. Now dah tgk gambar har kau baru i percaya ~lol~

DadhaSpoke said...

Oit, i jemput u, u tak datang.
Diana jemput, u pergi. Chet.

tak percaya apanyer? Leila dah tembam?? I was surprised too.
My reaction was the same when I saw ur after-marriage pic. Hehehe..

Okaylah, semua tembam-membam.