Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thank you Allah for...

... bringing hubbiest Dear back home safely. Hope the Hot Milo I made helped to keep you warm after the long cold journey. What a blissful morning, despite the back-pain I'm having now. At current, I have 6 koyoks on my back. I'm surprised, not so ooomph this time. This pain is prompting me to visit any OSIM outlets to try out their gedabak massage chair... I thank Allah for having such wonderful superb parents. Ayah just dropped by, sending breakfast and today's Straits Times. He must be running late, otherwise he would water the plants too. Oh, just now he went to check the mailbox... I wanna sleep in awhile more. Work starts at 10 today. what to wear? What to wear? ~~~~


blossom said...

ya la.. miss reading ur blog tau. everytime check tak update aje. :D Take care!!!!

Simply Me .. said...

May Allah ease the back pain, darling sis.

And, may Allah grant your mom a speedy recovery. We shall continue to du'a for her well-being.

In the mid of taking care of your family, do take care of yourself too sis.


FaiQah said...

OOHhhhhh OSIM's cool. but i have OTO at home hehe.. anyway sis, ur entries are interesting. you're a teacher ehhh? kat mana tu?

oops btw, i bloghopped from Ann's lah. come visit my blog too.

DadhaSpoke said...

Hello all....
I've been away, and didnt realise that I have been away for SO long.

Thanks faiqah for dropping by. I am Ann's SIL. Will definitely find your blog later.

Thank you dearest Simply Me. Teddy, right?
Doakan yah, that my mum be strong and Inshaallah, will recover from her illness. Ameen.

And to Kak Erni, thanks for dropping by! Updates coming up.