Sunday, December 31, 2006

The One with Mummy

Whoa... once again, lagging. Nevertheless, I'm BaaaaaaCK! Wish to bid goodbye to 2006. The reason I have been away from Blogspot... Dearest Mummy.... long story. I dont know where to start... Here are the events in chronological order: 8 Nov 06 - Diagnosed mild stroke. Sent to hospital by Ayah. Symptoms: slur speech, and slow response. 14 Nov- Discharge from CGH. 22 Nov- Rushed to CGH. Breathing difficulty. Admitted to ICU. Diagnosed Pneumonia. 28 Nov- Discharged from CGH. 1 Dec - Rushed to CGH again. Breathing difficulty again. Admitted to ICU. Diagnosed Mild Heart Attack. 9 Dec - Referred to SGH Renal Ward. 12 Dec - Discharged. 18 Dec - Rushed to SGH. Breathing difficulty. Diagnosed: Kidney failure. Heamodialysis required. 23 Dec - Discharged. Recovering and getting well each day... Ooops, the tears are coming... will write again later...


blossom said...

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Yang most patient, have a lot to gain Later.

However, mummy Sally looks upbeat -her usual positive self.

May Allah continue to grant her & family - the strength, patience and positiveness. Ameen.

Edleen said...

Dear Raudha, so glad to learn that Auntie Sal is doing better.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Rushda. hope she likes Auntie Edleen's small gift ;)

Perhaps this year you and Tamhid will add another new family member? Join my club..hehehe

Simply Me .. said...

Salams Darling Sis Dadha a.k.a Raudha ..

Hope your mum is recovering and showing improvement in her health. May she have a speedy recovery and may Allah assist her with the recovery process, insyaAllah.

I believe your mom needs the encouragement, support and prayers from all of us .. Let us do just that ..

LadyLee said...

hi raudhah.

hope you're doing well and hopefully by now your mummy is getting well too.

take care!

chillis said...

although this comes late, i just wanted to say sorry to hear abt this...may Allah help u & ur family through these trying times