Wednesday, October 25, 2006

1 Syawal 1427H - Hari Raya Aidilfitri...

Berlalu lah sudah Ramadhan Sebulan berpuasa Tiba Syawal kita raya kan Dengan rasa gembira

Selamat Hari Raya to all, maaf zahir dan batin. Here are some quick facts and snapshots of first day. 1) Rushda refused to put on the gorgeous pink shantung baju kurung specially designed by Uncle Haron. "Less is more. Diaper and bib is good enuff for me." No one can convince Rushda to wear anything.

2) Abang Ridzwan & family (10.23am) , were the first to arrive. Close at second place, was us (10.25am) , and last in the family to come were the Sengkangs. I mean, The Toeys (11.30am!)

3) This year, new addition to the family, joined us for Hari Raya - Siti Safura Ridzwan.

4) Dearest Sister-In-Law, Erni aka Blossom, and myself got ourself a two-piece suit designed and tailored exclusively from Haron.

5) This is the BEST family photo I took... Sigh, gotta try harder today. Rushda? Thats her, sleeping on mum's bed.

Sooooooo Tired... Gotta go for more visitings today.


blossom said...

aiyoh sista.. pic manyak hilang la.. especially our modelling pic?

blossom said...

oh i got better family pictures.. i mean yours. =D nanti i send to you eh

DadhaSpoke said...

Sister Blossom,

1. U nak tengok gambar kita modelling eh?? I have a few more, the sitting ones, with Mak, etc.
I will post soon.

2. Better family pic? Yg kat rumah Woodland tu? Can edit baju Id colour hijau tak?????? =)

blossom said...

eh tak yah post gambar modelling.. malu..

baju id eh.. suruh dia tukar aje tak le ke?

Anonymous said...

nice pics, sis!

LadyLee said...

wah.. so many nice pics. like ur outfit. very different.

by the way, great job on the concert!

DadhaSpoke said...

To mysoul,

Thanks for dropping by. You are my SIL, Blossom's classmate right?
She always rant about you ladies, I felt like Im one of you. :)

DadhaSpoke said...


Thanks! Betul u suka my outfit?
Betul different? Then u should try making one from Haron at Exelsior Hotel.

Today, Insya-allah, I'll try to go over to ur place k. Working lah... springcleaning.