Friday, October 13, 2006

Nothing in my mailbox :(

We are halfway through before Eid, and no KAD RAYA in my mailbox. LAGU RAYA has been playing on the radio and still no sight of KAD RAYA from any friends. :( Post-Internet days, by now, I would have received at least 10 cards. I treasure every single one of them. The anticipation of seeing an envelope with my name written (not printed - itu phone bills, insurance, etc) is that of a 6-yrs-olds getting Roald Dahl book as a gift. The last card I received was Raya 2003. It was from a special friend. He doesnt look the sort who will post kad raya, I was shocked to receive one from him. What an honour. In the card, he uses his name, instead of omitting it with 'I'. The message was HANDWRITTEN. "xxxxx mohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya xxxxx selama ini ada terkasar bahasa......" And we are mutual friends, and met less than 5 times. Maybe he likes me. Well, it shall remain unknown. Hahahhaha... Even if its true, I was madly in love with my then-fiance who is my now-husband, WHOM have never sent me a KAD RAYA. Another friend who never failed to post me cards is my Alsagoff's mate, Faridah. Now, she is an examplary friend. Since that last day we all parted in 94, I have been receiving consistently from her, every year. Maybe hers will arrive next week. I cant wait. Yippeedee! *clutching hands together* Perhaps, I should just place my address here. Who knows, some ol' friends would just be bloghopping and came here. Dear Friends, Hi. Just to be sure you have my address :)
Raudha Robu
Blk 757, Pasir Ris St 71
Singapore 510757


ariessen said...

hehhe I c u like receiving cards ei.. hehehe me pon!! but now only get e-cards je heheh

blossom said...

Hey! i sent u one tau ;p

DadhaSpoke said...

aries: Tak sama lah dgn kad betul... Worst still e-card pun takdak! (unless u want to send me one :)

Kak Erni: Yes lah yes. The one with ketupat step-by-steps...
Thank you lah many-many. You are the ONLY sister-in-law who sent me a card raya. Award-recipient lah!