Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Night Of Power by MY uncle Kamal!!!

This is the poem I've been wanting to post since early Ramadhan. Im just so proud of my young (and single) uncle K., producing such beautiful poem. May Allah grant you a wife SOON. As it is, Rushda is considered your cucu, oi!! Cepat kahwin! Read out the poem aloud... it makes a LOT of difference.
The Night of Power by Kamal Ishnin Every day and month each day of the year
Peace to you my dear brothers and sisters
Ramadan comes close let us not falter
Remembering Allah and his prophet is all that matters
For we muslims are so blessed in life and in love
How can one not be when constantly showered from above
A month full of blessings and the 'Night of power'
A night so special unlike any other
Where angels line the stairs of heaven
In praise of Allah they line in procession
A night equivalent to a thousand nights
Bestowed to man by Allah in his might
This special month, a bit different than the rest
A time to behave and be at your best
Recite more Quran and read less of others
Sing praises of Allah Lets Sing it Together
For truth and knowledge is contained in Quran
Not in one surah but in each and everyone
Let us practise restraint and kindness each day
And practise the Prophets teachings in the true Muslim way
Love and Courage stand side by side
Islam is truth with nothing to hide
Equality and peace throughout the divide
So lets welcome our prophet with hands open wide
Should the prophet come visit you one of these days
So blessed will you be to look upon his face
Should the prophet come visit you one of these days
Do give him my love and guide him my way


LadyLee said...

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin, raudhah! c u at the concert!

DadhaSpoke said...


Same to u, my dear.
Thanks for the SMS wish.
Kenapa tak hantar kad raya????
(tak malu gitu)