Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday With Raudha

Alhamdulillah... Daaah Thursday. I can smell the fresh air of weekend. As if. Actually, its more of FireSan scent (!!!) coz Dear just gave me a good back massage with that magic ointment! I dont know what has got into me - I break fast at the newly-renovated Banquet of Parkway Parade today. We chope the table which was directly under the full-blast aircon. With a totally blocked nose, I slurped the Mee Pok Fishball Noodle without really savouring the taste. Its just the hot chilli padi with soy sauce occasionally. The chillis caught me, and so I was panting. So I guess, while I was holding on to the fiery padis, I may have gulped down the cool air thats coming down from the aircon , way too much. On the way back, I broke into cold sweat. You know, the 'anytime' one. "Dear, I need to go to the toilet urgently!" I said while the car has just reached level 2 before reaching the exit gantry. "Huh? You nak pergi toilet sini?!?!" and he continued to drive... And Rushda wants breastmilk. Alamak! It was so uncomfortable. I was sweating and praying. She was cooperative, she fell asleep very quickly and I laid her down on the seat. Once we reached home, I didnt even wait for Dear to stop the car infront of the house. At the junction of Senior Citizen Corner, I asked to alight. Did I make it on time???? Yessssss.... :) Still, Im having stomachache and blocked nose right now.
Nevertheless, I'm happy that Dear came to fetch me at work; we fetched Rushda; and Dear also accomodate to my request that we go visit my favourite boutique at Joo Chiat , just to buy a blouse and scarf to wear for tonight's iftar/dinner outing. The Anglia blouse and scarf bill was $88.00. Errrr, is this what they meant by impulsive?????? ===================================
Rejab is here. I took the opportunity to practise the sunnahs of fasting in Rejab. Besides that, most importantly, we women clear our hutangs and I also recommend that we start practising our fasting now, say, twice a week - Monday and Thursday, to prepare ourselves for Ramadhan (which is just two months away) just so, our body and mind will be more ready for the challenges then. Betul tak betul?


I remembered back in March, I wrote an entry about setting a trend in birthday celebrations for my K2 class this year. Well, I am so damn right. I said that Ashley has set a trend - I am sure to see more mcDonald's birthday meals in school. To date, we have gone through FOUR Mc'Donald's catered birthday parties. One more coming up on Aug 14th. The peak was last week, 24th was Megan's, and the very next day was Darryl's. Miss Raudha gets a meal too. On Friday, being Ivy's last day of work, Lady Marmalade got me to buy 20 McDonald's milkshakes for the staff. I politely count myself out. Uh uh, no thanks.

Can you imagine how I feel at the sight of McDonald's????

Hello New York Pizza! (Halal ah)

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blossom said...

oishi pizza pun halal.. not bad ah jugak. Japanese touch. But i only tried once and only one type.. bbq chicken. Tapi ada all those normal japanese stuff like the eel, and fish and seaweeds gedebak gedebuk.. ok lah.