Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time:: Health:: Money .....

Felisa said "one should have the time, health and money. Betul tak?..." With time, but no money and health = Most probably I'll just do lots and lots of solats and zikirs; With money, but no time and health = I think I'll still be a little bit happy. That cliche "money can't buy you happiness".. that's bull lah. More or less, it does. Most probably, with money but no health, then I'll be spending on treatments and medications; With health, but no money and time= What da heck would I be doing then? Oh! Maybe a housewife. Yes. Thats the stereo-typed ones lah, assuming "no money" is defined as not hard-earned money lah. Just nafkah from husband. There is some truth to what Felisa said. But its more to that..... hmmmm... Almost 2pm, meeting time.


LadyLee said...

happy mother's day !

DadhaSpoke said...

Thanks awak.
Kita dah lama tak visit blog awak.
Akan datang.... siapkan kopi.