Sunday, April 09, 2006

The One With Chest Pain

Adoi... adoi....adoi.... The weekend is coming to an end, and Alhamdulillah, the stabbing pain under my rib is gone. I was so so much in pain from Wednesday till my last straw, yesterday night. I asked to be sent to the hospital, as every breath I was taking is killing me. Kesian Rushda. She would have been wondering why Ummi is crouching and not being able to lie down next to her like the usual. Im glad Rushda was asleep last night. Otherwise, she would have seen me crying as I struggled to breathe and walk without *ouch*.... i just felt it again. ECG showed my heart beats were okay; X-Ray showed okay too. So Dr Hui (who was unfriendly and stuck-up) diagnosed the pain as Respiratory System- URTI Costochondritis. I missed Lina's wedding today. Was looking forward to it. But the painkillers prescribed are strong, and make me drowsy all the time. Im gonna send her a card or something. Felt bad for not going. Have to cancel my appointment with Feliza too. Im on Medical Leave tomorrow. Will be extra hardworking for the next few days as Lady Marmalade is going on a long leave. I have to keep fit and yoga positive zen before I assume my role as Acting Principal during her absence, and it will be official next Monday. Speaking of yoga, I figured I could've injured my rib/muscle after the KardioSculpt session last wednesday night. I miss Rushda. Wanna see her now.


shasharina said... bloghopping from Lady Ann's blog...hope you are progressing well...take care have a gd rest...
btw..i love making new friends...shall we link???:)

DadhaSpoke said...

Hello Shasharina,

most certainly!! You can link me in ur blog, I'll do likewise.
Hope to get to know you too, thru ur blog perhaps for now. :)

Thanks, Im well.