Friday, March 24, 2006

The One With Addiction Part 2

Its 1.34pm, and I decided to switch back to the original Dadha Speaks template. *burp* Im having McChicken meal from Ashley's birthday. The kids had fun with the games and goodies. The birthday girl got special gift from McDonald's "aunties". Joann - Ashley's mum told me that she paid $7 per child. I have 17 in a class.. Well, after 9 years working with kids, I know jolly well that Joann had set the trend/stress on the other parents. Why? Coz more birthday celebration to go! Ashley is only the 4th oldest in class. As usual, the rest will go home to tell Mummy and Daddy about the celebration and will ask if they can have the same one too. So what does all that means? It means I get to have more FREE McD's meals for lunch. Yumma Yumma. Haaaiiiizzzz.... damn lucky the kids nowadays, and kindergarten teachers too.

I Can't Stomach It

Coming back to addiction, I regretted not sleeping yesterday, coz I had a hard time climbing out of the bed. Im not sleepy after that 2hrs sleep, but boy am I feeling high.

Anyways..... *yawn*

I am sooooo happy that I discovered cousin Edleen has a blog here at blogspot. She's into scrappin' and her LO (layouts) are gorgeous. She scrapped about her kids and family. Hah... all mothers would do that - dedicate pages after pages to their loved ones, but not for themselves. :) I can't wait for our next meet-up and share my cardstocks and embellishments and find out all about that websites she posted her LOs.

I would like to thank Mrs Peh - Shin & Shun's mum for introducing me to Scrapbooking. She actually did one LO of her sons attending my wedding. The colour schemes to the brads to the journals were so perfect. When she showed me, I thank her thinking that it was for me; then she said, no, its for her sons to keep as memory. Malu kita tau. That was how it all started. Thanks to her, I found out about Made With Love at Plaza Singapura. Once I step into the shop, its hard to leave. And they just gets better and better. Sandra and Elvira, the main coordinator of the shop are nice peeps. Must go there soon.

Cousin Ed gorgeous scraps can be viewed at her blog:

Made With Love is at Plaza Singapure, 3rd floor, at a hidden corner.


Bee-na said...

Elvira?? the only person i know with that name is also the person u know..Kak Fira...

so she isnt the only one after all. her name always remind me of Aloe Vera..


javascrapper said...

Dear Raudha...didn't know you're "advertising" my blog! hehehe...Thanks. yes, mostly my LOs are about my kids & family. but i've actually done a BOM..not ready to show the world yet!;) altho i did post one about Being Me Is Being Myself.

anyway, glad we met today at PS. you certainly shopped plenty yeah at MWL! woohoo...scrap on and share your LOs ok?